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Who is PROMO DAY for?
PROMO DAY! is an all day event for writers to promote, learn and network. Publishers, Editors, PR Experts, Virtual Assistants, Graphic designers etc... are also invited to promote their services and seek out new talent.
Are you an avid reader?
Then you're invited too! Visit the FORUMS to discover recent book releases and chat with the authors. Read samples and get a sneaky peak at books before you buy.
Coming in 2011:
  • WORKSHOPS will take place both in the LIVE Chatroom and in the FORUMS. This chance to learn from experts in the writing industry is not to be missed!
  • The online forums will be open all day, where authors can promote their work, readers can ask questions, Publishers can post their guidelines, job listings and more...
  • There will be pitch sessions with publishing companies. If you have a manuscript ready, this could be your chance to get signed!
  • Bookstore. Books available for purchase by the PROMO Crew (sponsors, workshop hosts and moderators). If you're not a member of the PROMO Crew but would like to have your book listed please contact for more details.

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PROMO DAY 2011 is sponsored by:

If you would like to sponsor the 2011 event please email for details.

The password for entering the forums will be posted here for the next event. When you enter you will be able to set up your profile (not complusory but an extra way to promote what you do as gives the chance to upload a photo, add your weblink etc..) and post to the forums.
No password is necessary for entering the LIVE chatroom for the workshops. Enter without password if asked.

All times stated in this website refer to Central European Time. Check the Time Differences page for conversions.


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PROMO DAY! is an all day event.