November Challenges: Time to use my super powers... | Jo Linsdell

November Challenges: Time to use my super powers...

November Challenges

Time to use my super powers...

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November is a busy month

November is a busy month. Possibly the busiest of the year and not just because the run to the Christmas holidays is well and truly under way. For writers it's the month of the year that we look forward to but also dread to a certain extent. November is the official month dedicated to creative challenges like NaNoWriMo, PiBoIdMo, SkADaMo and numerous others where we push ourselves to our creative limits.

November is also the month we try to finish our projects, update our websites, evaluate our marketing strategies, review our pricing and a whole bunch of other tasks that will mean we can end the year in style and be set up for a successful start to the new year. Not to mention throwing ourselves into our promotional efforts for the holiday season. 

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As if all this isn't enough to deal with I decided it would be a good time to finish my children's picture story book Fairy May and start preparations for it's release in February 2013. I'll be doing a 2 month long virtual tour to promote its release and so have been working on finding tour hosts, brainstorming guest post ideas and all the other tasks involved in putting together a tour.

I'm also taking part in several give-away's. A kindle copy of my best seller Out and About at the Zoo is up for grabs in both the Thanks-Giving Mega Give-away and the Winter Give-away.

With so much going on I surprise myself with how much I get done by the end of each day. Even more so when I think I'm doing it all with 2 small children. I guess I must have super powers ;)

Are you using your super powers this month? What's keeping you busy?


  1. I understand, and, yes, you most definitely have super powers! November and December are crazy for me too. My three kids were all born between the last week of October and last week of November, so 3 birthday parties to contend with. Then, along comes Thanksgiving and Christmas. Its like we rip off the bandaid within 2 months, then a long rest period. :) Congrats on a new book coming out in February. I will be sure to look for it! So glad I found you at the Kid Lit Blog Hop this week!

    1. Thanks for dropping by. My eldest has his birthday right before Christmas and as you can imagine organising a kiddies party right under the holidays is always a bit frantic. the rest of us are dotted around the various seasons which might sound better than having them all together but you do one and then it's time for another before you know it. Seems never-ending! All good fun though :)

      I'm putting the final touches to Fairy May now. It's always so exciting when it finally all comes together. Maybe you'd be able to review it for your blog when it comes out? If so, let me know and I'll send you an ecopy.