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Book Blogging in 2022 Survey

Book Blogging in 2022: Book Blogger Survey and Statistics

Book Blogging in 2022

Book Blogger Survey and Statistics

As a book blogger how do you fit into the book blogging community? What do stats for the average book blogger look like? 

This post will take a closer look at what's happening in book blogging in 2022 and offer some transparency about the statistics of book bloggers.

Blogging Statistics in 2022

Is book blogging dead? Far from it! New book blogs are being launched all the time and other more established book bloggers continue to grow their readership.

If you're interested in blogging statistics in general I recommend checking out 40 Blogging Statistics You Need To Know in 2022 by Ryan Robinson. The post offers some great insight into the current situation. 

You might also like 50 Fascinating Blogging Statistics by 99firms which includes stats like "The number of blogs globally is estimated at 600 million" and "60% of bloggers write at least one guest post for other blogs". Obviously this post is about blogging in general and not specific to the book blogging niche but it contains some interesting information. For example "61% of consumers have purchased something after reading a recommendation on a blog" is a good indication about how influential a book blogger can be in helping to increase book sales.

If you're interested in book and reading statistics I recommend checking out Eye-Popping Book and Reading Statistics by Toner Buzz. Did you know that "The 2022 global book market is valued at $150 billion" or that "Ebook and audiobook sales increased by more than 30% since 2020"? Check out the post for more interesting stats. 

First Site Guide also has a great post with 47 Blogging Statistics that is well worth a read. Did you know "77% of people regularly read blogs online"?

A Brief Summary of My Book Blogging Journey

I've been book blogging for a long time. I started in 2006 before it was even really a thing. Back then I had a Tripod website and the blog experience was much different to what it is now. Myspace was still the place to be back then πŸ˜‰

I moved over to Blogger in 2012 and started this blog. Since then the site has evolved as I've put into practice all the things I've learnt over the years. 

My all time most viewed blog post is one I posted in August last year about Things That Should Be In Every Blog Post. So far it has over 49K page views and continues to get an average over 6K page views a month. 

Other popular posts include 60 Blog Post Ideas for Book Bloggers with over 13K page views so far and Pinterest Group Boards for Book Bloggers with over 9K page views so far. Both continue to pull in good traffic on a regular basis. 

My most viewed book review of all time is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling which I posted in September 2020 with 1.63K page views so far. 

My personal best in terms of page views to my site in the one month is when I hit 47,138 which happened in September 2021. My average monthly page views to my site is around 30K. 

The majority of my blog traffic comes from Google search. I also get a lot of direct traffic to my site. Pinterest and Twitter are the social media sites that bring in most traffic. 

Average Stats for Book Bloggers

Over the years I've seen a lot of book bloggers worrying about their book blog stats and sadly seen a lot of them give up and stop blogging altogether because they feel they don't get enough traffic their blogs. 

Recently some of my long term book blogging buddies have decided to give up on their book blogs and move over to social media sites and build their platform as a book blogger on communities like BookTok, BookStagram, or BookTube instead. I'll cover this topic in more detail in a separate post as there's a lot to discuss.

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Book Blogging 2022 Survey

I recently came across a book blogger survey 2022 invite over on the Pages Unbound Reviews blog. Briana started doing these surveys back in 2016 to offer some transparency on what are "normal" stats for book bloggers. On the aforementioned link you can also find the results from the previous surveys she did. 

If you know of other surveys offering statistics to do with book blogging please let me know about them in the comments section below. 

I decided I wanted to do my own survey to compare my findings and get a clearer picture of what average stats are for book blogging now. I set up a thread of polls on my Twitter profile

Book Blogging in 2022 Survey Results

How long have you been blogging? 

This is an important indication of how the book blogging community is growing. As you can see, I'm not the only one who has been doing this for a while. 

It's encouraging to see that several new book bloggers have joined the community in recent times proving that there is still interest in the practice of book blogging. 

How many page views do you get a month on average?

WOW! Over 83% of book bloggers are getting under 5,000 page views a month to their blogs. This is much lower than I expected. It could be linked to a number of factors though. 

Some book blogs only post book reviews and so have a more limited readership. Some are newer blogs. Some are hobby bloggers and so maybe don't fully leverage SEO or do little to promote their blog posts. There are lots of reasons why traffic could be low.

On average, how many comments do you get on your blog posts each day?

A lot of bloggers, myself included don't get a lot of comments on their blog posts and often feel discouraged because of this. 

The survey showed that the majority of book bloggers are getting 0-5 comments a day. I definitely find comfort in this. My comments to views ratio is terrible. It's nice to know I'm not the only one struggling with engagement on my posts. 


Where does your blog traffic come from?

Search engines are the winner here with social media links coming in a close second. This highlights just how important the right SEO is when creating a blog post. 

It also shows how important social media is to growing blog traffic. Every blog post should be easy to share on social media so it's key to have social share buttons on your blog. 


We're all at different points in our book blogging journey and a lot of us are struggling with the same problems so don't let it get you down. If you are passionate about book blogging keep doing what makes you happy. Your energy will show through in the content you create. 

These results reflect the data that Briana gathered with her surveys over at Pages Unbound so I think it's a good indicator of what is happening in the book blogging community. 

I hope this survey has offered some valuable insight into book blogging statistics and given you some food for thought. 

Did any of these results surprise you? Where do you stand in regards to the book blogging average for these stats? Can you think of other questions I should ask in future surveys?

Book Blogging in 2022: Book Blogger Survey and Statistics

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  1. This is so interesting!

    My surveys also keep indicating that pretty much everyone has low comments, and there is no correlation between having higher page views and higher comments. I guess it's because a lot of people with high traffic are getting it largely from search engines, and those readers don't comment as much as other book bloggers? And yet it still seems weird to me that no one seems to have the secret of getting a lot of comments/engagement, which I know is really important to a lot of bloggers.

    1. Comments, or lack of, seems to be an issue for the majority of book blogger regardless of the amount of page views they get. If you uncover the secret let me know πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to seeing the results from your survey for this year.

  2. Thanks for this survey and post Jo! I agree that my greatest struggle involves generating blog comments! I seem to have the most comments on TTT posts (most times TTT commenters leave comments so that they can legitimately leave their TTT link in hopes of a return comment....which is fine!) and certain discussion posts. Book reviews not so much (although certain book list posts generate a satisfactory number of comments).

    Most of my comments are from my carefully cultivated book blogging community! In other words, my virtual bookish blogging friends. I appreciate my faithful commenters! I think it's a worthwhile inventment to engage on other blogs in hopes of return engagement. That's how I've developed my blogging community.

    Yours is one of the blogs I have technical difficulties commenting on......I'm sure it's at my end. I do all of my blog hopping on my ipad and 80% of the time, commenting is accomplished without a hitch. But I've noticed that for some reason I can never comment on blogspot blogs. Well, I comment but they never go through. However, I can comment with no problem if I open the post and comment from my laptop. So I know the problem is with my ipad but I have no idea how to fix it. a hack I email myself the post and then HOPE I remember to comment on the post when I'm at my laptop. The problem is that when I'm on my laptop, I'm all about creating blog content and other blog administrative tasks and I get blog hopping amnesia! I have a full email folder of posts that I need to comment on! (several of yours!) Today, I put down my ipad and opened my laptop just to leave a prompt comment on this post!

    Tips I have for generating blog comments include 1. engage with other bloggers in their comments to build a relationship, 2. respond to EVERY comment on your post, and 3. ask a compelling question in your post that will encourage comments.I'd love to hear other tips and strategies. Although it's sad, it's also encouraging to hear that other bloggers are having the same challenge.

    1. I'm so sorry your iPad is making commenting difficult but I really appreciate your support.

      Great tips. Thank you for sharing. I totally agree.

    2. I also don't get notifications of a reply so I have to remember which post I've commented on and revisit to see any response. I'm planning to upgrade to a new ipad this summer and I hope this issue is resolved!

    3. I could do with upgrading my ipad too. Hope it resolves things for you.

  3. I forgot to add CONGRATS on your all time views and most popular posts! My highest is 21,000 views/month (and I will observe my 5 year blogiversary in July). I'm satisfied, but once I hit 20,000 I'm disatisfied when I don't reach it EVERY month! I think stats from bloggers are interesting but I honestly only compete with myself! LOL

    1. Thank you so much. You're doing amazingly. I know what you mean. I feel the same if my views dip too. Just means the next month's content will need to be even better. I'm constantly in competition with myself and always push myself to set a new PB.