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"Jo Linsdell is a problem solver. If you need help marketing and promoting your book, Jo is who you want. I have been in the book business for many years and I don't know another promoter who you can trust more and that has the know with all and move you in the right direction other than Jo Linsdell". 
J.D. Holiday Author, Illustrator and Blogger 

“Jo focuses on excellence, service to others and writing. She's an awesome resource to have in your corner. ”

“Jo is an intelligent, professional, dedicated colleague who has become a friend. She is amazingly erudite person, and always ready to share her knowledge with others. Very importantly, she has a sense of humour.” 
Tanja Cilia, Writer, Journalist, freelance

“Jo Linsdell is a writer who helps other writers. I've worked with her through various "Promo Days" she's offered for writers. I've always found Jo to be professional, well organized, and easy to work with.” 
Suzanne Lieurance, Coaching for Freelance Writers, The Working Writer's Coach

“Jo Linsdell has an uncommon passion and zeal for the topics that she takes on as a writer. She is a wise risk taker who knows how to approach a well known subject in a different, interesting and engaging light. Even more, Jo Linsdell is a professional who adheres to deadlines and values partnering with others to achieve success.” 
Denise Turney, Communications Writer, In Process of Conducting a Job Search

“Jo Linsdell is a dedicated, creative individual. I have been impressed with her ability to write, promote, and market her work. In addition to her own work, she is highly involved with promoting other authors through Promo Day. I am pleased to recommend Jo Linsdell.”
Penny Ehrenkranz, Freelance writer, Self Employed

Testimonial for Jo Linsdell

“Following Jo's growing career has been inspirational. She has been a strong influence on others in all her endeavors.” 

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, Creative

“Jo is a very pleasant and sweet person. Why not get to know her for yourself? I recommend her. ”

“Jo is a vibrant, intelligent and very social person. I have enjoyed knowing her very much!”

“I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Jo's "Italian for Tourists" phrasebook. I don't speak Italian, and the only Italian I know is from playing a musical instrument and loving Italian cooking. I was surprised at how many of the words I recognized and how easy it was to find phrases in Jo's little book. 

I can't say enough good things about this book. Too bad I'm not planning a trip to Italy any time soon, but, hey, I can use it impress my waiter the next time I go out to eat in Boston's Italian North End.” 
Margaret Fieland, Senior Software Engineer, Guardium, Inc

“I worked with Jo Linsdell-Feliciani at Red River Writers during my time a Lead Administrator for that writers and illustrators organization. Jo is the European Coordinator in charge of international issues and her skills in this arena are professional and dependable. 

She is also the editor of Robin Falls Magazine for Red River Writers where she exhibits her talents and a creativity that are making the magazine a success. 

Jo’s award winning site http://writersandauthors.blogspot.com, is looked upon as a great source of information for the seasoned and newcomers alike in the writing industry. All this plus her winning spirit makes working with Jo Linsdell-Feliciani a wonderful experience and pleasure.” 

J. D. Holiday Author/Illustrator/ Publisher JD Holiday

“I’ve had the pleasure of reading Jo’s book, Italian for Tourists. Her writing is wonderful: it is concise, expert, meticulous, thoughtful and easy to read. Jo Linsdell is a talented writer who is able to convey what she intends to – this is a sure sign of a good writer.” 
Karen Cioffi-Ventrice, Freelance Writer, DKV Writing 4 U

Testimonial for Jo Linsdell

“Jo is a good person to work with demonstrating both functional strengths and the ability to work intelligently on her own. In addition she proved to be a strong team member at Maverick fitting well into the work and social side of the business.” 
Jon Sidwick, MD, Maverick Presentation Products

“Jo is an exceptional organizer for special events. Her professional mannerism truly meets the high standards required in today's business world. Her personality will be noticed and greatly appreciated by all who have the pleasure of working with her. 

I was especially impressed with the promptness and manner in which she follows up on important details. 

Rating: 10+  

Jay Miller, Owner/Author, All God's Critters

“Jo is one of those rare writers who really "gets" not only the art of writing but the business and promotional sides as well. In addition to her books and e-books on Italy, she's done a great service for the writing community through her Promo Day efforts, and anyone taking her on in a writing or editorial capacity would certainly benefit from her practical knowledge and experience in that area.” 
Jennifer Mattern, Owner, JH Mattern Communications

“I can think of no one better qualified for the position, or with a more positive attitude.”
Dorien Grey, Student, Northern Illinois University

“As a fellow writer, I've read and reviewed some of Jo's work and found it to be helpful and easy to read. She is well versed in the skills needed to edit or write. 

I have worked with her also on her once a year writer's conference and she has excellent choices for presenters and knows well how to promote. 

I highly recommend Jo for any writing or editing position.” 
Ron Berry, writer, self employed

Testimonial for Jo Linsdell

“I contacted Jo for help in promoting my work and she did exactly as she promised, bang on time. I was pleased with the result.” 

Jen Black, Writer, Jen Black

"Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative" 

“I first met Jo at her 2009 Promo Day. This annual event is a great place to meet authors, publishers, and editors while learning about the craft and business of writing. Her professional presentation and attention to detail makes this event unique and a must attend. 

Her site demonstrates her hard work and passion for the writing business. I would highly recommend attending Promo Day and getting to know Jo. It is always a pleasure to talk with, work with, and learn from her.” 
Brian Knight, Partner, Premium Promotional Services

 “Jo Linsdell offers quality content and valuable insight with her written words. A true model of good living, Jo's blog and other content reveal the sensitive and sincere dedication of a professional, supporting and promoting her craft. It is my great pleasure to recommend that you visit Jo Linsdell's blog and purchase some of her work for your reading enjoyment. You won't want to miss a single word. 

Pssst... She's also interesting AND entertaining."

Jan Verhoeff, Owner, ACE Writers

Testimonial for Jo Linsdell

“I worked with Jo when I reviewed her book "Italian for Tourists". The writing was clear and concise. The information is in a well organized and readily accessible format. It would be the perfect guide to carry in a back pocket to escort you through Italy. 

Jo finished the written interview in a timely fashion and expressed a willingness to aid in the preparation of the publication of the article. I found the experience of working with her to be highly enjoyable and positive. I would recommend her for writing assignments especially in an instructive capacity.” 

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, Creative

“Jo is an energetic, self-motivated and highly organized marketer. She knows how to pull a project together in a timely fashion, putting elements in place ahead of schedule so things come off without a hitch. I value her advice, her writing style and her ideas.” 
Sandy Lender, Author, Editor and Writing Consultant, ArcheBooks Publishing

“I have known Jo for several years now and have seen her work. She is hard working and willing to put the effort into the task at hand.” 
Gloria Oren, Writer, Book Reviewer, Proofreader, Editor, Self-Employed Freelancer 

“I have worked with Jo both as a guest she has interviewed and on various online efforts she has presented. She has always been very professional, yet friendly at the same time. You'd be lucky to get her to work with her." 
Janet Smith, Marketing Director, author, Star Publish LLC

“I've worked with Jo as a presenter for her Promo Day online conference and am partnering with her on a small writers' conference I am planning in Rome. This woman is dynamite! She's organized and marketing savvy. She's prompt and personable. How lucky we are that we need no longer be constrained by oceans."
Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Instructor UCLA Extension Writers' Program, UCLA

"Thank you for your concerted effort to build and expand the Helium treasury of knowledge with your quality work. Your article about traveling to Rome shows insight, rich analysis, and reflects the highest standards for writing quality at Helium. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with Helium!"
Barbara Whitlock, Content & Community team, www.helium.com

"I want to thank Jo Linsdell not just for inviting me to be a part of the Writers and Authors blog, but for offering this resource to writers and readers alike. This is a clever way to bring publishing and writing information to the masses, and I applaud her hard work".
Sandy Lender

"Today I had an awesome time during Promo Day. I got to meet other writers, read about their work, check out their websites, and shared our areas of expertise. The conversations were very cordial and professional. Definitely a must do again! I look forward to the next one. Jo, you did an extraordinary job".
Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopes

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