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Book Blogging in 2023 Survey

Book Blogging in 2023 Survey

Book Blogging in 2023 Survey

Book Blogger Survey Results and Statistics

Last year I did a Book Blogging Survey to see what stats look like for book blogs. The idea behind this is to get a better idea about average book blogging statistics  and to offer some transparency about the statistics of book bloggers.

I decided to do it again this year to compare with last year's results and see if the same answers still apply in 2023.

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Blogging Statistics in 2023

According to a post by First Site Guide, the estimated global number of blogs is over 600 million, 77% of people regularly read blogs online, around 7 million blog posts are published per day, 67% of bloggers who post daily say that they are successful and 97% of bloggers use social media to boost their results. Check out their full post Blogging Statistics 2023: Ultimate List with 47 lists and stats for a full breakdown of all the statistics they discovered.

Ahrefs 59 Blogging Statistics 2023 also offers some excellent insight into the current state of the blogiverse. Some interesting ones include; The bloggers who publish two to six times per week are 50% more likely to report strong results (Orbit Media), bloggers who use 7+ images per post are 2.3X more likely to report strong results (Orbit Media), 33% of bloggers don’t earn any money at all (TechJury) and the average blog post is 1,376 words (Orbit Media).

A few of my own blogging stats

In order to be completely transparent with you all here's a few of my own statistics for this blog. To give you more context, although I started blogging back in 2006, I moved my blog to Blogger in 2012. "All time" is therefore from 2012 to date. 

All time views to blog: 1,457,912

All time most viewed post: Things That Should Be In Every Blog Post (published August 2021) with 111k views

Most viewed post so far from 2023: Book Spotlight: These Violent Nights by Rebecca Crunden (published March 2023) with 402 views. Close second place is Book Club Kit: The Family at No. 12 by Anita Waller (published March 2023) with 367 views).

Most viewed book review of all time: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling (published in September 2020) with 2.04k views

Most viewed book review so far from 2023: Enola Holmes: The Case of the Missing Marquess by Nancy Springer (published February 2023) with 298 views

Majority of blog traffic comes from: Google search.

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Book Blogging 2023 Survey

Now it's time to see how this years results match up with last years. 

I set up a thread of polls on my Twitter profile, just like I did last year, using the same four questions.

Book Blogging in 2023 Survey Results

How long have you been book blogging?

It's encouraging to see that there are still an increasing number of new book blogs being created; 6.3% this year compared to last year when new blogs made up 4.1%

It's also nice to see that people are continuing with their existing book blogs. The majority of book blogs continues to be in the 1-5 years bracket (60.8% last year)

How many page views do you get per month on average?

Although the average remains under 5K (83.3% last year) there is a general improvement with 5k-10k jumping from just 4.2% last year to 10.9% this year. 

On average, how many comments do you get on your blog each day?

This continues to be one of the areas where the majority continues to struggle. 

Where does most of your blog traffic come from?

There isn't much change on traffic sources from last year with the majority continuing to coming from search engines and social media, highlighting yet again how important it is to use correct SEO in your blog posts and to include social share buttons on your book blog. 

If you know of other surveys offering statistics to do with book blogging please let me know about them in the comments section below. 


I hope this survey has offered some valuable insight into book blogging statistics and given you some food for thought. 

We're all at different points in our book blogging journey and a lot of us are struggling with the same problems... even those of us that have been doing it for years. Don't get discouraged. 

Did any of these results surprise you? Where do you stand in regards to the book blogging average for these stats? 

Book Blogging in 2023 Survey

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  1. It’s always interesting to see the stats! Although I’m getting the views, my blog struggles to get the number of comments I’d like! ~Carol @Reading Ladies

    1. Comments are definitely something I think the majority of bloggers struggle with. I know I do. Congrats on your views.