BYOBthon Update: Progress Report for Week 2

#BYOBthon Update: Progress Report for Week 2

BYOBthon Update

I did well during the first week of the readathon (you can find my progress report for week 1 here in case you missed it). Unfortunately my reading pace slowed down in week 2. 

Week 2 Progress

The second week wasn't as productive as the first was. Life just didn't leave me as much time to read. Sports training, various appointments, paperwork... 24 hours a day is just not enough. I did finally get some reading done over the weekend though.

Dark Rivers of the Heart by Dean Koontz. 

I'm going slow with this one. It is starting to pick up though. 

I'm still having trouble getting my head around the character of Spencer Grant and his strange obsession for Valerie. Turns out that's not the only thing weird about him though. Rocky, the dog, is awesome though. 

I do like the character of Roy Miro. He likes Winnie the Pooh which made me warm to him...despite him being a killer. He also comes across as one of those, as I call them, "grey villains". He has his own logic for doing what he does, and tries to be a good person... but kills people.

Fade to Black by David Rosenfelt. 

I finished it! Yeah! Murder victims, memory loss, drug dealers, mafia... this book has it all. It wasn't the most amazing book but it was still worth the read. It also gets me another head on my Hydra. I'll do a full review soon.

#BYOBthon Update: Progress Report for Week 2

I didn't have much time to work on this so it's still very rough, but feels good to add another head.

The Perfect Friend by Barbara Copperthwaite 

Yep, I added a new book to my TBR. As I'm going slow with Dark Rivers of the Heart I decided to start a different book. I got a kindle copy of this via Net Galley and so far I'm enjoying it.

#BYOBthon Update: Progress Report for Week 2
About the book:

She’ll do anything for you…

My name is Alex, and my world has been shattered.
My husband has left me.
My children won’t speak to me.
My friend Carrie is the only person I have.
She’s the only one I can trust to keep all my secrets. 
She’d never do anything to let me down. 
Would she? 

This dark, gripping psychological thriller will have you holding your breath until the very last page. Fans of Behind Closed DoorsSometimes I Lie, and The Girl on the Train will be captivated. 

What have you been reading this week? Are you doing BYOBthon?

On My Shelf: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

On My Shelf: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

On My Shelf

On My Shelf is a series to showcase some of the books that are sat on my shelves. Each Sunday I randomly pick a book from my shelves to show you. Some will be books that are on my TBR, others will be books I've read in the past but that deserve a little love.

This week's pick

This week I picked The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (one of my favourite books of all time!).

The novel that scandalized Victorian England In a London studio, two men contemplate the portrait of another—younger and more beautiful—man. Despite Lord Henry Wotton’s urging, Basil Hallward refuses to show his painting in public—there is too much of his true feeling for the subject in it. “I will not bare my soul to their shallow, prying eyes,” he declares. “My heart shall never be put under their microscope.” Instead, it is Dorian Gray’s soul put under the microscope of this unforgettable novel. Influenced by the cynical, hedonistic Lord Henry, Dorian becomes infatuated with his own youth and beauty and wishes that his portrait would grow old instead of him. His wish comes true, but it is not just the passage of time that mars the painting—the wages of sin are recorded there as well. Freed from the physical toll of his debauchery, Dorian devotes himself to the pursuit of pleasure above all else. He turns on his friends, drives his lover to suicide, and engages in every vice known to man. To society, he remains as handsome and youthful as Prince Charming. In the painting, he is hideous. Too late, Dorian realizes that only one of these two images can be real, and a reckoning deferred is not a reckoning absolved.

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Reading Habits (With Special Guest Laura Morningstar)

Reading Habits (With Special Guest Laura Morningstar)

Reading Habits

Have your reading habits changed over time? Today I'm joined by special guest Laura Morningstar to talk about reading habits, and her own personal reading journey.

Reading Habits (With Special Guest Laura Morningstar)

Watch the video to see what Laura had to say about her own reading journey:

About Laura:

Laura Morningstar is a blogger, writer and motivational speaker. In April 2018, she closed her business after 15 years working as a holistic therapist, doula, sacred sexuality coach and personal trainer. Laura specialised in issues vital to her work such as touch, sexuality, fertility and body confidence. Prompted by her own struggles with chronic illness and no longer feeling as if she could truly serve her clients in the way that desired, Laura returned to her first love writing. She is currently working on her first novel.

On her Loving Life Everyday blog she writes about health, fitness and nutrition in relation to chronic illness but also about her love of books and music. In no particular order she is a book-worm, geek, lover of good tattoos, gym enthusiast and chronic illness warrior. She adores huge mugs of tea (needs it to function), music, unicorns, log fires, daisies, dancing in the kitchen as she cooks, playing RPGs, owls & hawks, a bloody good tumbler of Whisky (hold the ice) and long walks.


Loving Life Everyday Blog -






Have you always been an avid reader? Have your reading habits changed over time? Join in the discussion in the comments below.

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Book Review: How to Revise and Rerelease Your Book by Penny Sansevieri

Book Review: How to Revise and Rerelease Your Book by Penny Sansevieri

Book Review: How to Revise and Rerelease Your Book by Penny Sansevieri

Disclosure: I got sent a free copy of this book from the author.

Is Your Book Not Selling?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to promote your title but nothing is working?
Do you have a backlist that isn’t selling anymore?
Book Review: How to Revise and Rerelease Your Book by Penny Sansevieri
Has your brand evolved and you’re worried the disconnect is hurting book sales?
If you’re struggling to sell more books it’s time to stop stressing about it, because it happens to the best of us. The next step is to do something about it.
Let me present one of the smartest book marketing strategies out there – the re-release.
In this short and dynamic book I can teach you:
And I can show you how to do a re-release the right way – with smart and simple planning to revive lackluster sales numbers with minimal effort! •Why re-releasing a book has become such a lucrative marketing strategy
•Special considerations for updating fiction and non-fiction
•How to read the telltale signs of a title that’s a perfect re-release candidate •How to tell if your cover needs some market-driven updates •How to determine if you need to make content updates •How to make the new version stand out on Amazon
If the idea of re-releasing your book seems like too much work, I assure you it’s not.
•How to upload everything to Amazon the second time around •How to work with Amazon to keep all the reviews from your original version •How to properly price your re-release for maximum exposure •Marketing tips for your re-release….and a special bonus offer!
Be prepared to save yourself the heartache and frustration so many authors have suffered wondering what to do next!
It’s a lot less daunting than wasting time and money continuing down a dead end road, right? Whether you’re ready to consider a re-release in the very near future or not, I encourage you to read this title now so you feel confident in your options when problems do arise.

Booktastic Thursday: A Link Up For Book Bloggers (11th October 2018)

Booktastic Thursday: A Link Up For Book Bloggers

Welcome back for another Booktastic Thursday Link Up!

I'm looking forward to seeing what bookish posts you have to share this week. 

This past week I've been busy reading for BYOBthon and loving it so far. Finally making some head way into my out of control TBR.

I hope you've been enjoying my posts for Blogtober. So far I'm really enjoying the challenge. It's doing wonders for getting me back into the swing of things after the long summer break.

I've also been having fun with the BOOkish Blog Hop this month which I host organised via the Facebook group Bookish Blog Hops. Come and join us at

So far I've hosted two posts this month; Best Fictional School, and Ways To Get Out of A Reading Slump. Loads of other great topics are being discussed in the other stops on this blog hop too. Lots of bookish fun! 

Booktastic Thursday: A Link Up For Book Bloggers. Hosted by Jo Linsdell

And now for the real reason you're here, the Booktastic Thursday Link Up.

For those of you that don't already know, every Thursday I host this meme to give my fellow book bloggers the chance to share some of their bookish posts and connect with other book bloggers.

How to take part:

Post your book related blog post links directly into the comments section of this post.

I just ask you to link back to the weekly blog post here on my blog some where in the post you're linking up. You can see an example of how a past participant, 
Veronica from The Burgeoning Bookshelf, included it in her post at

I ask that you link up blog posts ONLY please. Other types of links will be deleted.

I'd also appreciate it if you follow me on any social media of your choice (I'm JoLinsdell everywhere). Of course, I would love it if you subscribed to my newest posts ;)

Please grab the Booktastic Link It Up Thursday button and share it somewhere on your blog (sidebar, post, bottom, etc.) and please share about this party with any book-lovers you know.

Booktastic Thursday: A Link Up For Book Bloggers

Let's grow this party!

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Everyone works hard on their posts and loves visits/comments/pins from others. Please visit AND comment on at least one other linked post if not more.

Now on to the party!

I'm looking forward to seeing all your book related posts.

Booktastic Thursday: A Link Up For Book Bloggers

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