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Ostia Lido - Easy Beach Day Trip From Rome

Ostia Lido - Easy Beach Day Trip From Rome

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Ostia Lido - An Easy Beach Day Trip From Rome

Ostia Lido is the easiest beach to get to from Rome. It's quick and cheap to get to and offers the perfect escape from the city on hot summer days.

How to get to Ostia Lido from Rome

One of the easiest ways to get to Ostia Lido from Rome is to take the metro. 

There are two main metro lines in Rome, the orange A line, and the blue B line. You'll need to get to the Piramide stop on the B line and then take the Roma-Lido line (Porta San Paolo) from there. This line uses the same metro tickets you use in the centre so you can get a one way ticket for €1,50 or if you need to take other metro's or buses during the day opt for the day pass for €7,00 which gives you unlimited use of all public transport in Rome for 24 hours (metro, bus and trams).

The Roma-Lido line is mainly above ground and will take 20-30 minutes to take you from the Porta San Paolo stop at Piramide to Ostia. The time difference depends on which stop you choose to get off at. 

For the beach the best stops are Ostia Lido Nord, Ostia Lido Centro, and my personal favourite Stella Polare. 

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How to get to Ostia Lido from Rome

Stella Polare

The reason I prefer to get off at Stella Polare is that the beach is a shorter walk from the metro and it tends to be less packed (keep in mind that all the beaches along the Ostia strip are general quite full during the summer months regardless of what day you go. 

On leaving the station you just need to walk straight down the street in front and you'll soon see the sea. It should only take you about 5 minutes on foot. 

On the street you'll also find a mini market, a few coffee shops, and a chemists.

When you arrive at the beach you'll have a choice of paid establishments, where you can rent a sunbed and umbrella, or the free public beach. 

There are public beaches that have free showers, changing rooms, and toilets you can use. My personal favourite is beach 43. It's always kept clean and has everything you need. There is also always a lifeguard on duty.

The only negatives are the aforementioned crowds, and the rocks. On the beach you'll find warning signs about the large rocks along the coast. The beach itself is sandy though and once you get past the initial metre or two of pebbles (taking care to avoid the larger rocks too) you'll find sand under your feet once again.

The water is perfect for a refreshing swim to cool off in the summer heat.

It's common to find people selling things on the beach. From iced drinks, coconut, and corn on the cob to swimsuits and clothing. You'll also have to option to get a massage whilst you relax in the sun. 

Ostia Lido - Easy Beach Day Trip From Rome

There are also a lot of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs along the beach strip.

Whilst Ostia Lido isn't great compared to other beaches in Italy, it is a nice option for those looking for an easy beach day a stones throw from Rome. 

Ostia Lido - an Easy Beach Day  Trip From Rome