Why I stopped 1st Time Mums | Jo Linsdell

Why I stopped 1st Time Mums

Those of you that follow me will have noticed that it's been a while since I updated the 1st Time Mums blog. Earlier this year I decided to stop the project. It was a nice little blog and had some loyal followers but I just don't have the time to dedicate to it. I'm always juggling so many different projects and I needed to make some cuts. 1st Time Mums wasn't bringing in any money yet and I didn't feel strongly enough about the project to put in the time and effort required to turn in into a profitable business. My apologies to those of you that followed the blog and were part of the Facebook community page. I'll miss out chats but hope you will continue to follow me as I expand under my Jo Linsdell brand.

Goodbye to www.1stTimeMums.com, it was fun whilst it lasted.