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Leave the Matrix

Leave the Matrix

One of the things I loved most about this years Promo Day was how real everyone was. Everyone was sharing tips, tricks, and strategies, but all without sales pitches and promises. They were honest and down to Earth.

As creatives we love the freedom to express ourselves, and that should happen in all aspects of our work. Whether we're writing, drawing, or marketing and building our brand. In fact, when we step out of the mainstream mould that's when the magic happens.

This morning as I was checking my emails I read one I'd received from Regina from http://byregina.com/ (she has some awesome stuff on her website by the way, and I highly recommend signing up for her newsletter). Well, this mornings email was entitled "Don't leave the Matrix just to join an internet cult". It really hit home as it backed up some of the points raised during Saturdays Promo Day event. 

 "Don't let someone else define your world and your life for you."

"Don't let someone else define your world and your life for you."

It can be so easy to get sucked into the tunnel of advice that we forget about our own goals and feel like we're doing something wrong. We get obsessed with figures and spend our time searching for ways to increase our followings and feel bad when we don't get the results we've seen others get. Why are they getting awesome results when we're doing the same things and seeing nothing?

I'm guilty of being sucked into the tunnel, and I'm sure that you are too to a certain extent. Well, it's time to change that. 

I'd love to be making 100K+ a month (heck, I'd like to be making that in a year!), but it's not realistic. Sure there are people doing it. They are usually very vocal about their success too. They pull you into their "friends" group and offer advice on how you too can see results like theirs. When you don't though you feel bad. You feel confused. You feel like you're doing something wrong....

Guess what? You are. You forgot about the most important asset you have. YOU. If you love what you do, and share about it with genuine enthusiasm people will feel your vibe. By not falling into the mainstream mould you stand out and people appreciate your uniqueness. 

Our goal is not to fit in, but to stand out. 

Stacey Keith talked about how her Facebook community grew without having a specific strategy in mind during our live panel discussion during Promo Day (You can watch the whole video chat here if you missed it). She mentioned how she just posts about things that interest her, and how she has never really thought about technical online marketing strategies like hashtags. She just keeps it real, and guess what? She has a large, and very interactive community.

We need to think less about statistics and sales that can make us feel inadequate, and concentrate more on what makes us happy. This is why I'll be making some changes over the coming months. 

- I'll be spending more time writing my books. My works in progress somehow slipped down my priority list and ended up being neglected. 
- I'll be organising my content so you can find what you need faster. 
- I'll be doing more webinars and e-courses (both free and paid) as I love helping people. 
- I'll be redesigning my monthly newsletter.
- I'll be making more premade book covers. I love doing these! I can't believe I waited so long to get started.

Do you ever feel like you've been pulled into an internet cult? 


  1. Hi Jo,
    Thanks for this post. I have recently come to the same conclusion. As writers, engaging in social media is a necessity, not a choice. However, we can do it at our own pace, remembering that our joy and duty is to deliver the best books we can to our readers, and strive to build an authentic and honest relationship with them.
    Sometimes less is more.

    1. Hi Angela. Thanks for stopping by. I agree, quality over quantity.

  2. Hey Jo,

    So many of us get pulled Out of our Vortex into the "Internet Cult" indeed. Thing is "Self Belief" is the lacking ingredient when we allow otehr people to dim our light all the while pointing to their solution. Which of course means more of that 100K for them. Yet if we did our research. Lots of stuff on the internet FREE and yes it takes time, but its your time right! Go create the awesomeness you always wanted. Sing your song, do it with abandon, love, joy and gratitude and the audience will show up!

    loved your post!