Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Let's Talk About Book Reviews

#FreeWebinar 'Book Reviews: What, Why, and How' #Books #BookReviews #AmReading

As a writer, and avid reader, reviews are a big part of my life. I'm either doing them, reading/watching them, or hoping that people will post one for my books. 

One thing I've noticed over the years though is that not everyone feels comfortable posting reviews. A big part of that is because they don't really understand them. They don't know what they should include, and have no idea just how powerful a review can be. Without knowing the What, Why, and How, people shy away from reviews. Well, I've decided to solve the problem with a quick, free, webinar.

On Friday 30th September I'll be uploading a free webinar to (and, of course, posting it right here on the blog too) called Book Reviews: What, Why, and How. There is no set time for the webinar and as it will be on my Youtube channel you'll be able to watch it whenever it's most convenient for you.

#FreeWebinar 'Book Reviews: What, Why, and How' #Books #BookReviews #AmReading

In the webinar we'll be taking a look at;

- What should be in a book review
- Why book reviews matter & how they help sell books
- Star ratings: What they really mean

I hope that this webinar will encourage more people to post reviews. 

P.S. If you post a review for one of my books to Amazon, Goodreads, your blog, YouTube, or any where else, you are officially awesome and I send you virtual hugs of gratitude ;)

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  1. This webinar sounds interesting. Thanks Jo.

    1. Hi Angela :) The webinar will be uploaded to my YouTube channel on 30th Sept. Hope you'll tune in and watch.

  2. I will. I've been wondering for a while hot to do it properly. Thanks for the chance to learn this.

    1. You're welcome. Hope you'll find it useful :)


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