Story Crafter: A Twitter Chat for Writers

#StoryCrafter: A Twitter Chat for Writers @Writerology

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, one of my favourite Twitter chats to take part in is Story Crafter hosted by Faye Kirwin from @Writerology

You can find detailed information about the chat  and how it works at you're interested in using Twitter and taking part in twitter chats make sure you grab a copy of the file. 

The hashtag for the chat is #StoryCrafter and it starts at 8pm GMT on Sundays. Follow @Writerology and you'll see tweets like this one below to remind you about upcoming chats.

Sunday's topic was "A Writer's Search History" and asked the following questions:

Q1. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever researched for a story?

Q2. If someone looked at your search history, what would be their immediate response? Justified or not? ;)

Q3. What’s the most random research tangent you’ve ever gone off on?

Q4a. What’s the most eyebrow raising/incriminating thing you’ve researched (or might research) for a crime or thriller novel?

Q4b. Okay, what’s the most outlandish/alarming thing you’ve researched (or might research) for a fantasy or sci-fi novel?

Q4c. What’s the whackiest/weirdest thing you’ve researched (or might research) for a romance/contemporary novel?

Q5. Let’s have some funny Google auto-completes! Start asking Google a research question for your WIP and share what it says!

Here's a few of snippets from the chat:

This is a good example of why I enjoy this chat so much. Chatting with awesome people like @KSekouM

Then there was this bit discussing escaping from crocodiles...

Now need to come up with a scene where someone escapes from a crocodile...

And then there were little gems like this one:

The chat was great fun and branched off into loads of conversations. It was also good to know that I'm not the only one with questionable search history...

Do you take part in Twitter chats? Which are your favourites? Are you a Story Crafter regular too? Share below. 

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