Booktubeathon July 2017 Summary | Jo Linsdell

Booktubeathon July 2017 Summary

#Booktubeathon July 2017 Summary #BTAT17 #BTAT2017

Another Booktubeathon has passed... and what a fun week it was! I love Booktubeathon. The whole community is great, and I discovered so many new booktubers throughout the week.

For today's post I thought I'd share with you a summary of what happened during this years challenge.

The reading challenges:

I didn't do too badly here. 

1. A book with a person on the cover. I didn't finish The Princess Diarist which was the book I selected for this challenge but I do get to tick off the challenge anyway as Second Honeymoon had people on the cover.

2. Hyped book. I choose 50 Shades of Grey for this one and although I did start reading it, I didn't finish.

3. Finish a book in a day. I picked Moranifesto for this one, but unfortunately didn't complete this challenge as the kids kept me way to busy.

4. Read about a character very different from you. I choose The Devils Prayer for this one but didn't get round to starting it. I can tick off the challenge as completed though as there were characters in the books I did finish that mean I met this task.

5. Read a book completely outdoors. I choose Second Honeymoon for this challenge and get to tick it off as completed. Between my friends garden, the beach, and the pool I finished the book reading only outdoors.

6. Read a book because of the cover. I choose Coming Home To Cuckoo Cottage for this one and can tick is off as completed. 

7. Read 7 books. I added Dating the It Guy to my TBR for this one but unsurprisingly, I didn't manage it. 7 books in 7 books with the kids off school was most definitely the hardest challenge.

So I didn't complete all the reading challenges but I don't think I did too badly. I also enjoyed the books I read so I'm happy with how it went. Next readathon I'll be picking shorter books though. I might have even managed to do 7 in 7 if I had. 

Then there were the daily video challenges. I love these and had planned on doing them all but just didn't have the time.

These are the ones I did manage to do.

Here's a vlog update I did during the week:

Daily video challenges:

Did you take part in BTAT17? How did you do with the challenges? Leave a comment below and let me know.