When life gets in the way... | Jo Linsdell

When life gets in the way...

It's been a tough week. A combination of stress, no sleep and being ill resulted in me getting 3 mouth ulcers all in my inside lower lip. Those of you that have suffered from mouth ulcers will appreciate how 'not fun' the past week has been for me. Unfortunately they run in my family and as I'm also celiac I'm even more at risk of getting them. Anyway, the worst seems to be over now and so hopefully I'll be back to my usual self again soon.

I'm now in the third month of my virtual tour for 'Out and about at the Zoo' and everything is going well despite the bad timing of getting ill... then again is there a good time for such things? Sometimes life just gets in the way of our plans and we have to deal with it I guess.

At the beginning of the last week I was starting to feel run down and so on sight of the first ulcer promptly programmed as many blog posts and Twitter updates as possible. This has helped to give me keep up my online presence whilst I've been taking time off for some much needed rest. 

I usually try to program my blogs as much in advance as possible anyway and this is just one of the reasons why. Life sometimes throws stuff at you. By having at least the most part already there and ready for automatic publishing I have peace of mind and don't have to get in a panic about how I'm going to do everything when I simply can't. For Twitter I use www.SocialOomph.com It's simple and easy to use and most importantly is reliable. 

Whilst I've been offline I've been doing some thinking about my various projects and having a bit of a mental regroup and look at my goals. I've come to the conclusion that I need a digital declutter. I've started by leaving some of the Facebook groups I was part of. There's no point in being part of a group if you're not an active member. This will hopefully also cut out some of the emails clogging up my inboxes too.

I've also taken a look at my current works in progress and decided to concentrate on getting the illustrations for my children's picture book 'Fairy May' finished. I'm also working on the html for the new site www.WritersAndAuthors.com and putting together the details for the new features that I plan to launch before the end of the year (including online courses and virtual book tours). The other project I'd like to get finished by the end of this year is the first draft of my novel 'Twice'. 

Obviously all these plans will depend on life not getting in the way too much ;)