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Introducing 'Twice'

One of my current works in progress is a chick-lit novel called 'Twice'. This week I've picked up working on it again after having taken a break to concentrate on the release of my children's book 'Out and About at the Zoo'. It feels a bit like getting in touch with old friends. I've missed my characters and I'm happy to be back with them all again.

I'm still working on the first draft but it's starting to take form and hopefully I'll have it finished by the end of this year.

Here's a sneak peek:

Anna is searching for Mr Right but finding him isn't easy. Can she find true love? Can it happen twice?


Anna lay there on the bed asking herself how she had let this happen again. As she sat there picking at the lace edge of the sheets, she gazed over at Darren lying beside her snoring loudly. How had they ended up in bed together? Ah yes, vodka, tequila and several flaming B52's. Women like her shouldn't be allowed to drink alcohol. It only complicates things more.

Her eyes moved to the alarm clock on the bedside table with its red glowing numbers that told her it was now 5:03am. If she was luckily she would be able to get out of here before he woke and avoid having to make lame excuses as to why she would be busy for the next week, month and maybe life. As Anna was about to pull herself up, Darren made a strange snorting sound and rolled over on to his side. She froze. As Darren’s snoring resumed, she lifted the sheet and slid off the mattress. 

The first step had gone ok. Now to find her clothes. She scanned the small hotel room as she tried to piece together what had happened just a few hours earlier and locate her belongings. Her bra and a one strappy sandal where under the chair by the window and her dress was in a bundle on the floor near the entrance to the bathroom. She collected the items as quickly as she could taking care not to make a sound. As she bent down her head thumped reminding her yet again that alcohol was no good.

She gazed over towards the bed and the sleeping body. He had a good body she had to give him that. She stayed there for a moment taking in the well toned muscles of his back and wishing that the sheet wasn't covering the rest of him. It was shame the inner Darren wasn't as beautiful as the outer Darren was. 

Her eyes strayed again to the alarm clock. 5:47 Am. Had it really taken her that long to pick up three items from the floor? She had to hurry and find the other sandal and her knickers. Darren usually set his alarm for six. 

There it was. She could see the heel of her other sandal poking out from behind the bathroom door. She picked it up and went in to freshen her face with cold water at the sink. A few minutes later, she was dressed, all but for her knickers which she couldn't find anywhere. Damn it! It was getting late. She had to get out of there. Knickers or no knickers it was time to leave. She grabbed her handbag from the small table by the door and checked the bed one last time before shutting the door behind her.

I'm having trouble coming up with an idea I like for the cover design for this book. I've had a few ideas but nothing that sticks. Any suggestions are very welcome :)