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Updates and Online Branding

Having an active online presence is important in today's internet driven world. It's also important to make sure you're providing your public with up to date information. This is why I'm constantly tweaking both my website and my social media profiles.

I recently occurred to me that I also needed to work on my branding. Although my sites were all personalised they lacked a common theme that made them all instantly recognisable as me. I've therefore done a whole revamp of all my sites. As you can see for these examples I've created a personalised look that follows through my website and each of my social media sites. 

My website header

My Facebook page cover

My Google+ profile

My Twitter profile

My YouTube channel

You'll also have noticed the new blog header above.

I wanted a look that was simple and with an obvious connection to writing (hence the paper and pens theme). I'm still tweaking so there will be more updates coming. Some of the social networks have introduced new features to their sites that are currently rolling out so I'll be updating those too over the next few weeks.

How often do you update your sites? Do you have online branding?


  1. What's up, Jo? Branding is very important for it represents everything. It has this one of a kind impression that will have a magnetic reaction to your visitors. I also do several tweaks on my site whenever I feel that there's something wrong with it. I make sure that it loads fast, and compatible with all types of browsers.

    Abigayle Soderstrom

    1. Thanks for dropping by Abigayle. Constant tweaking is good and makes sure that our sites stay fresh.

    2. Good day to you, Jo. How are you doing? Yes, it’s very important to be constantly tweaking your website. Plus, it must be regularly updated with posts in order for followers have a daily blog to read.
      - Masako Gun

    3. Thanks for dropping by Masako. I'm in the process doing another website update at the moment. It's a big job but an important one. The recent social media updates mean more freedom with profile banners too so I'm updating them too (obviously keeping to the new theme I've set for my website). This blog will be getting a make over very soon too.

  2. It’s advisable to update your blog as often as possible so that your viewers can see something new once they revisit your website. It might be hard to do so especially when you have lots of accounts to update. This is where a reliable support group will be helpful in optimizing your pages and maintaining your online presence. How are you now? Hope you’re always updating your pages.

    Gwendolyn Carlson

  3. Branding is the most important aspect of today's business. People are looking for brand before even trying out the product.Branding plays an important role in the success of any business