Promo Day Preparations

Promo Day will take place on Saturday 25th May this year and I'm busy organising the event and setting everything up for the big day. 

For those of your that aren't familiar with the event I suggest checking out the recent blog post at

As you can imagine putting together an international event like this takes a lot of time and effort but it's definitely all worth it. Every year I come away with new connections, job offers and opportunities. I also get a lot of emails and messages from other attendees saying how much they enjoyed it and sharing about the new opportunities that opened up for them as a result of taking part.

As it's free, international and open to everyone we usually get a wonderful mix of people from all around the world taking part. Writers, illustrators, editors, publishers, virtual assistants, virtual book tour companies, bloggers, radio hosts, journalists.... the list goes on.

During the event there are plenty of opportunities to promote, network and learn.

The line up of presenters for this years event is fantastic. These people have huge amounts of information, tips and advice to share and each one really knows their stuff. It's not everyday that you get to pick the brains of industry experts from the comfort of your own home AND completely free of charge!

Some of the presenters that will be at PD13
I've been working hard with Promo Day webmaster Marzia to get the website ready for the event and I'm really pleased with how it's coming together. Go to and check it out. Register for the event, sign up to have your book featured in the on site book store and get ready for Saturday 25th May.

Hope to see you there!