My new office

Towards the end of last year I did a blog post where told you that I was planning for my new office area and shared with you some images I'd found on Pinterest that were serving as my inspiration. Well, last week I went to Ikea and got my new desk. Happy dance :)

It wasn't the easiest of tasks but I managed to build it all by myself and love the end result. Despite being a bigger desk than my last one I now have more space.

My new desk
Since the above photo was taken I've added a white board to the right of the TV and added some boxes to better store the paper supplies below the desk. I've also strapped on a battery powered back massage cushion to the chair (best €3 I think I've ever spent!).

I love that the back panels are magnetic. They'll come in handy for putting notes and inspirations up where they can be easily, and often seen.

There's plenty of space to put my laptops on the desk too without having to move anything. Being able to set up multiple computers all on the one desk will come in useful for when I'm doing events like Promo Day


  1. Congratulations on the new work space! It looks really nice and Ikea sure makes organization easier. I need to go shopping!

    While I didn't buy anything new, this weekend I did clean and somewhat organize my space. Now I can walk into the room and sit down at the desk for the first time! (It used to be my wife's craft room and we've been playing musical rooms getting everyone situated - my Writer's Cave has been the catch all).

    So...Happy Dances and Cheers to new Writer Work Areas!!

    1. Ikea rocks! Congrats on your writing space too. It's nice to have somewhere to organise work and definitely makes finding things easier.

  2. I love it Jo. It's looks lovely, and generous and inviting. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Susie. I love it and have already done a fair amount of work from it ;) I actually want to work from my desk now.