The New Twitter Design | Jo Linsdell

The New Twitter Design

Twitter is one of my favourite social media sites. It's also the one where I get the most engagement on the content I post and the easiest to use to send content viral. The site has been going through some major changes recently and undergone several design updates. The most recent, which I got today, is very visual. It has a more Facebook like feel to it and gives a lot more emphasis on images and video's than it has in the past (something nearly all the top social media sites are doing).

Here's a screenshot of my new look profile:

As you can see, the header banner has been super-sized. 

One thing I like about the new design is that you can now pin a tweet to the top of your profile. In the screenshot above you can see I've pinned one about the upcoming Promo Day event I organise (you can find more tweets about the event using the hashtag #PD14). 

Whilst I do like the new design it's going to take a while to get used to. Have you got the new design yet? What do you think of it?