Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Quick Tips: Use Lists to Organise Social Media

This weeks quick tip is to use lists to organise social media flow. Newsfeeds can leave you feeling overwhelmed which is why lists are such a good idea. By using the lists feature on sites like Twitter and Facebook you can organise your newsfeed by category, allowing you to see just the posts from the people you want to see.

Avid readers, influencers, industry news, publishers, agents, fellow writers... you can set up lists to suit your needs.

Do you use lists? 

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  1. You might miss important details and posts when you’re using a fast-paced social media. In this regard, using lists will definitely help you in filtering the posts that you need from people that you want to keep track of. You could also create your responses as soon as you read those filtered posts, and prevent wasting time from back reading. Thanks for the reminder, Jo!

    Della Meyer @ Spark Local Marketing

    1. Thanks for dropping by Della. I'd be lost without my lists on Twitter. They save me so much time.

  2. Yep! Very much necessary tips you gave on organize social media by using lists. I think now it will be very much easy for me to organize my Facebook and twitter and hope that like me most of of the social media use will get benefits for sure. So just need to implement it hurry:)
    twitter mechanism

    1. Thanks for dropping by Alyssa. Glad I helped.


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