End of Year Admin and Plans for 2016 | Jo Linsdell

End of Year Admin and Plans for 2016

End of Year Admin and Plans for 2016

Another year is coming to a close and what a year it was! More best sellers, awards, challenge winner certificates.... 2015 was full of awesomeness :)

The most important (work related) thing I learnt in 2015

The most important thing I learnt this year was about my vision for my brand, and where I see myself going in the future. With each year that passes I get a clearer idea of just what I want to be doing, and how I want to do it. This is important for creating a successful career in this field (well, actually in pretty much any field). 

As I look back over the past year I can clearly see what has been working for me and, more importantly, what hasn't. I can say "clearly see" because this year I finally got my game together in measuring my results, and checking my analytics. I can't stress how important this has been. Seriously people, start measuring your efforts! 

Those of you that are signed up to my monthly newsletter will already know about the research I've been doing into various branding and marketing tactics this year. I plan to continue down this route in 2016, and already have some new ideas to try out. I can't wait to share them with you so, if you're not signed up yet, do it now! 

Plans for 2016

2016 is set to be another busy year. I have several non fiction books, and children's picture books scheduled for release, as well as some collaborations. I can't wait!

I'm also hoping to finally finish working on my novels TwiceVengeance, and Family Secrets.

I'll be taking part in some more challenges too. I just LOVE a good challenge ;) 

I'll also be finally launching my ecourses. I'm so excited about this! I've been working on putting these courses together for a while now and can't wait to share them with you all. 

Right now, I'm enjoying some time off with my family though. It's important to have some down time once in a while too (even for a workaholic like me ;)).

I hope you're all enjoying the holidays, and wish you all the best for 2016. Thank you for your continued support. I really appreciate every comment, share, review, and purchase. You guys rock!