#AStoryAWeek Update: Week 1 | Jo Linsdell

#AStoryAWeek Update: Week 1

#AStoryAWeek Update: Week 1

In order to make this my most productive writing year yet, I decided to take part in the A Story A Week challenge. The goal is to write a complete short story for every week of the year (a total of 52 stories by the end of the year).

This is a summary of how week 1 went:

This week I wrote episode 1 in the KOSMOS series. This book is called The Pendant and kicks off this serial, YA, time travel series.

About the book:

Matt Smith is a teenage boy with his fair share of problems; a strained relationship with his mum, a bully that won't leave him in peace, and a crush on a girl that doesn't know he exists. Just when he thinks life couldn't get any more complicated he finds a strange pendant, that throws him into an adventure of a life time. 

Why I'm doing this challenge:

I'm really excited about this challenge, and think it will help me grow as a writer. Doing something a lot is a good way of getting better at doing it. 

It will definitely help make me a more productive writer. In order to reach my goal of a story a week, I need to be writing every day. Something I always say I'll do but often get side-tracked by other tasks. Technically I do write every day. I write articles, and blog posts. What I'm talking about here though is working on writing all those story ideas I have. 

And lastly, I love a good challenge. This particular one is quite ambitious, and it's not going to be easy... something that just makes me want to do it more. I want to prove to myself that I can.

Are you doing the A Story A Week challenge? How did your first week go?