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#WIP Progress Report

I'm not going to lie to you. I've not been writing that much lately. The summer break meant that I was hardly ever on my computer. Between the kids being off school, holidays, etc... writing just didn't happen. This means that I dropped behind schedule. In fact, those of you following the KOSMOS series will have noticed a lack of Episode 8. I'm really sorry that the publishing schedule had to be changed. Shadow was due for release on 1st September but sadly that didn't happen. The good news is it is on it's way. I'm close to finishing it now and so it should be ready for release in October. 

Episode 8, Shadow, is set in Africa back when the Maasai migrated across the territory. Researching Massai society and traditions has been really interesting, and I hope you'll enjoy learning a bit about them whilst reading this episode.

Learning about different cultures, and different time periods has been one of the parts I've most enjoyed about working on this series. Obviously I can't include all my research in each episode but I hope to scatter enough elements into the story so that you, the reader, can imagine what it might have been like.

In Shadow Matt has to deal with the Massai, and other members of the Nilotic group they were part of. Not an easy task, especially when the shadow is fast on his trail. As if that wasn't enough, something happens to the pendant that could mean he may never make it back home.

Are you reading the KOSMOS series? Which episode are you up to? Do you have a favourite episode so far?