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2022 Challenges: May Update


2022 Challenges May Update

2022 Challenges: May Update

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I'm still trying to get back to normal post-covid and whilst I'm doing much better I'm still struggling with fatigue. Being tired all the time isn't the best thing for productivity especially when it comes to reading. Reading tends to make me sleepy as it is so throw in fatigue on top and progress is slow. That said, I am making progress.

Those of you that enjoy video can watch my May Wrap Up:

The Clock Reading Challenge

I created the Clock Reading Challenge as I thought it would be fun and not too difficult to complete. 

The Clock Reading Challenge May 2022 Update

Books read this month:

4-  Four Ways to Wear a Dress by Gillian Libby - My Review - AmazonGoodreads 

The Net Galley TBR Reading Challenge

The Net Galley TBR Reading Challenge May 2022 Update

Four Ways to Wear a Dress by Gillian Libby - My Review - AmazonGoodreads 

Other books read this month:

These are also from my Net Galley TBR but I decided to keep the children's books separate from the main challenge.

Hop at Swimming Class by Esther van den Berg - My Review - AmazonGoodreads 

The Little Prince, My Book of Feelings by Corinne Delporte - My Review - AmazonGoodreads 

In progress:

2022 Challenges May Update

How did you do with your May Challenges? What challenges are you doing this year? Have you read any of these books? Join the conversation in the comments section. 

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