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101 Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers


101 Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers. You will never have to struggle to come up with ideas for blog posts ever again!

In the past I did a blog post with 60 Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers (my most visited page on this site). Considering how popular that post turned out to be I decided to improve on it and give you this post with even more blog post ideas for you to use on your book blogs.

You will never have to struggle to come up with ideas for blog posts ever again! 

101 Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers

Do you ever feel stuck in a blogging rut? Struggling to come up with a new blog post idea? Feel like you just keep posting the same type of content all the time?

If you need some blog topic inspiration, I've got you covered. This list is sure to fill your content calendar.

101 Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers. You will never have to struggle to come up with ideas for blog posts ever again!

Book Blogging Ideas To Inspire You

Here's a list of 101 blog post ideas for your book blog:

  1. Why you started your blog
  2. Talk about your book blogging fails
  3. Share your best social media tips for book bloggers
  4. Create an ultimate guide
  5. Book to read by a certain age post
  6. Best literary jokes
  7. List of hacks
  8. Host a blog hop
  9. Book Reviews
  10. Book Hauls
  11. Book Tags
  12. TBR Lists
  13. Currently Reading
  14. Recently Read Recap/Wrap Up
  15. Books Vs Movies/TV Shows
  16. Favourite Books In _________ genre
  17. Best Books You've Read This Year
  18. Favourite Authors
  19. Take us on a tour of your bookshelf
  20. Give some bookish advice
  21. Interview an author
  22. Interview a fellow book blogger
  23. Share your Net Galley shelf
  24. If you liked __________ read this
  25. Your fictional bucket list
  26. Characters you love/hate
  27. Series you're obsessed with
  28. Share tips for book bloggers
  29. Create a discussion post about books you feel strongly about
  30. Rant about your bookish pet peeves
  31. Create your own TBR Jar
  32. Share about your bookish swag collection
  33. Discuss Pro's and Con's of different book formats e.g. Print books VS ebooks
  34. Bookish gifts you'd like to receive/give
  35. Your favourite fandom
  36. Blogging tools
  37. How to posts e.g. How to use Canva to create blog graphics or Bookstagram images
  38. Event Coverage/Recaps
  39. Readathon vlogs
  40. Bookish merchandise
  42. Tips for working with publishers/authors
  43. Lessons Learnt
  44. Books with crossover appeal 
  45. Bookworm problems
  46. Useful resources for book bloggers
  47. Cover reveal
  48. Take us on a visit to your library
  49. Host a guest post
  50. Best ________ books (insert genre, or by author)
  51. Best character e.g. best villain, best father, etc...
  52. Books every __________ should read e.g. books every teenage should read
  53. How to review a book
  54. Do a collaboration post with a fellow book blogger
  55. Showcase book covers you love
  56. Compare different movie adaptions of books
  57. Share your love of an underrated author/book
  58. Do a Q&A with your readers and answers their questions
  59. Host a giveaway
  60. What if ________ (create an alternative ending for a book)
  61. Report on current news and events
  62. A beginners guide to book blogging
  63. Bookish DIY/crafts
  64. List posts
  65. Book blogger must haves
  66. Behind the scenes: A day in the life of a book blogger
  67. Your favourite book blogs to read
  68.  Your favourite booktubers/bookstagrammers etc...
  69. Celebrate your blogs birthday
  70. Write up a post where you share something new that you've tried
  71. A day in the life of a book blogger
  72. What skills should someone have if they want to start being a book blogger
  73. Truth vs Lie post
  74. What is the toughest part of being a book blogger
  75. Showcase some of your favourite book blogs
  76. Who is your favourite fictional character? How do you think you are alike?
  77. If your favourite book hasn’t been made into a film, who would you cast for the characters?
  78. What are your go-to apps?
  79. What are your favourite blog plugins?
  80. The best book related events that you’ve been to
  81. Nobody knows that I ________
  82. What are the top things you've learned over the past year?
  83. How do you stay productive?
  84. What top things do you wish you'd known when you first started blogging?
  85. Write an open letter
  86. Write a best posts of the season (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) blog post recapping your most popular posts
  87. Write a memorial post. An author/book blogger you liked pass away? Share what you learned from them and how they affected your life/blog
  88. Write a checklist on how to ________
  89. A to Z post
  90. 100 Things post
  91. Create a cheat sheet or reference guide
  92. Bookish hashtags (what ones work for you)
  93. Lingo/ Terms book bloggers should know
  94. Celebrate a book birthday
  95. Your favourite genres
  96. Compare two similar books
  97. Share some book art
  98. Reading Challenges
  99. Describe your dream home library
  100. Tips and tricks for reading more
  101. Discuss reading troupes

Got an idea for another type of blog post to add to this list? Help inspire our fellow book blogger buddies and post it in the comments section below.

101 Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers. You will never have to struggle to come up with ideas for blog posts ever again!

Need more ideas, inspiration, or motivation to put together a solid plan of action for your blog? I can help.


  1. These are all fabulous ideas and I'm sure lots of book bloggers will find the list useful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks. Glad you like the list. Hopefully other book bloggers will find it useful too.

  2. Wow! These are fabulous suggestions.

    1. Thanks Robin ☺️ I find that putting together a list of ideas like this one motivates me to be more creative with my own blog posts (as well as hopefully being useful inspiration for other book bloggers).

  3. So many good ideas! I'm often at loss about what to plan for posting (on my blog as well as my YouTube channel) so this is a great help! Bookmarking it. :D

    1. Awesome! I'm so glad you found my blog post ideas useful. I might do a separate post with specific ideas for what to post to Booktube. Been thinking about doing one with ideas for what to post on social media too.

  4. Thanks for sharing these suggestions. Awesome post.

    1. My pleasure I'm glad you found my blog post ideas useful 😊

  5. You are so good at these creative posts - I am far too lazy!

    1. Thanks DJ ☺️ I have no problems coming up with ideas. I just need more time to actually do all these posts myself on my blog 🤣

  6. That is one extensive list that I will come back to. Thanks for taking the time to write and share.

    1. Thanks 😊 Glad the list is useful. I tried to pack in as many ideas as possible so there's something for every type of book blogger.

  7. awesome list!! your posts always inspire me to try out new stuff too (and then i am reminded of your monthly blogging challenge i started and have now fallen so far behind on.. - will catch up sloooowwwwly but surely)

    1. Thanks 😊 I'm happy to be useful. I have way too many ideas for my own good 🤣

      Yes please do jump back into the Blog Audit Challenge 2020. You're welcome to post your progress reports for each month any time. Most of the tasks are on going things anyway. FYI I'm currently brainstorming new challenges for next year 😉

  8. These were such wonderful ideas! I started a series on my blog fulfilling the prompts that spoke to me, the first of which I posted today!

    1. That's awesome! So glad my ideas inspired you.