VBT Day 25: A very cool surprise and multiple tour stops

Something very cool happened today. I was looking around on Facebook and whilst scrolling down the Amazon KDP page I found this banner. They made me a banner. Little me! Even better they posted it to their page on my birthday. I wonder if that was planned? Either way, this is pretty cool. The reach this is getting is huge. I'll be happy dancing over this one for a while :)

screenshot of banner on Amazon KDP page

Today is also a busy day for tour stops. The fabulous +amy crowe has put together not one, but two, blog posts for me. One on her blog The Life and Times of AE Crowe and the other at her Hopeless Author blog. These posts are a bit different from the other features I've done because they're about me as opposed to my books. Check them out for some background information about yours truly.

Screenshot from The Life and Times of AE Crowe

Screenshot from Hopeless Author

Also today, I'm hosted by Sage Doyle at http://sagedoyle.wordpress.com/2013/09/25/virtual-book-tours-by-jo-linsdell/ for a feature piece with a short excerpt from the book.

Screenshot from Sage Doyle blog