#WIP Jasmine's Got Talent! Character Sketches | Jo Linsdell

#WIP Jasmine's Got Talent! Character Sketches

At the moment I'm working on illustrating Jasmine's Got Talent!, the 3rd book in the Jasmine Dreams series for author +Maria Rochelle. For this book Maria ran a photo contest via her Facebook page and the most voted for pets won the chance to be in this book. What a great bunch they are too! 

Before I do the cartoon form, digital versions for the book I like to do a quick pencil sketch to get a feel for the character. It helps me work out how to simplify them whilst still keeping true to the real animal. Today I thought I'd share with you the character sketches of the winning pets that will be featured in Jasmine's Got Talent!


  1. No Comments? How about OH MY GOSH these are amazing! I LOVE the first cat one especially- reminds me of my own cat lolol.

    1. Thanks Virginia. That cat is one of my favourites too :)