November Challenges: Progress Report Days 8 - 14 | Jo Linsdell

November Challenges: Progress Report Days 8 - 14

November Challenges: Progress Report Days 1- 7 #NaNoWriMo #WNFIN #PiBoIdMo

Here's a quick run down of how things went this week:


This week had its highs and its lows. Mainly lows... This week did not go brilliantly. Starting with a weekend of birthday parties, my youngest getting ill in the middle, a visit from a friend from the US, a night out at WWE.... I'm amazed I actually found any time to write!

I did though, and my word count is still looking pretty good all things considered, although I am slightly behind with my word count at the moment, just not so much behind that I can't catch up again. In fact, I did have one really good day where I boosted my word count nicely, making up for some of the slow (or just plain nothing) days of the week.

My characters have continued to take over the story, and I've added in several scenes, and some new characters, that weren't in my original plot outline. This means I've also had to add in a few extra scenes to my plot outline to be written over the next few days to fill in some gaps. One of my characters who was just an extra kind of role before has now been promoted to a more involved role. I'm also now not sure about the ending I had planned. The story may not stop there anymore. 


I had hoped to have finished this by now, but I've neglected this project badly this week, and done next to nothing on it. *Slaps wrists* Must do better.


Still bang on track. Finally added some fiction ideas to my list too.

Doing one, or more, of these challenges? How are you doing so far?