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FREE Ebook Cover Design (Comment to Win)

FREE Ebook Cover Design (Comment to Win)

Do you need an affordable book cover? I'm your girl!

I'm busy working on new designs at the moment, and will be adding them to the Pre-mades page soon (Click here to browse available designs). 

I'm reorganising my pre-made book cover services to include discount covers for just €10 each, as well as the standard pre-made ebook covers (€50 each). I've also added the option of ebook cover + full wrap cover for print for just €100 for the complete package. With the full package I'll even throw in some free graphics that can be used for marketing your book.

I need to let the world know about my Pre-made book covers and so I've been brainstorming ways to help spread the word, and hopefully, drum up some business. 

Win a FREE ebook cover

As a special thank you to all you wonderful peeps that follow me (I really appreciate your support), I've decided that the first person to leave a comment on this blog post gets a FREE ebook cover design. Yep, I'll make a custom cover design for your ebook completely free of charge just for leaving a comment on this post. Pretty good deal right?

All you need to let me know is;

- Book Title (and sub-title if required)
- Author name
- Any additional text you'd like on the cover
- Any pointers regarding genre/style you'd like and/or brand colour

That's it. Comment and get a free ebook cover for your book. 

I'll even help you promote the book when it's published via my sites ;)

Premade Book Cover Designs by Jo Linsdell


  1. I'm doing Nanowrimo, and ended up here, because I found you on Bryan Hutchinson's 50 Best Blogs. Very Round About. Your title looked interesting. Good luck with your book covers!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Jem. Would you like a cover for your NaNoWriMo book? Feel free to send me your participant link on so I can see the book synopsis. I'll happily make one for you.

  3. Hi Jo,
    You have a great site. Would love to get a book cover from you. Here are my book details
    His Christmas Summerita Rhayne, tagline: She brought an unexpected sparkle into his life. It's a romance set around Goa at Christmas.


    1. Sure. Drop me an email to and let me know what kind of style you have in mind. Do you want people on the cover? Does the story have a symbolic item in it? Basically anything that will help give me an idea of what you're after ;) As soon as I get your email I'll start work on the cover.

  4. Thank you! I'll send that email :)

  5. Hi Jo,

    You site looks great. You were recommended to me by a friend. I like the versatility of the cover designs. Should I get in touch with you through mail regarding my requirements?

    Also am I eligible for a free cover?


    1. The free cover has already been claimed. You are welcome to email about your cover requirements though. You can find all available premade designs at