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Reviews and Analysis for The Pendant

Reviews and Analysis for The Pendant #KOSMOS

Starting to get some feedback on the KOSMOS series, in particular for The Pendant, and wanted to share it with you.

Firstly, I absolutely LOVE this video! Not only does she say wonderful things about The Pendant in her review, but she goes one step further and analyses the characters too. It's a great feeling knowing that my characters come across like I imagine them to others too.

Here's a look at the review from Goodreads:

This is a great character introduction for our protagonist, Matt. The story sets up his character well, revealing his inner and external conflicts. This is a great set up for future character development which I am greatly anticipating. 
Matt is a flawed protagonist, which I love. Since his dad's dies he's been depressed which in turn result in him arguing with his Mum, and losing friends. This loss inn friends resulted in bullying which resulted in his social anxiety/fear. I feel like a lot of authors want to start with a perfect character, someone who starts out selfless and brave. However, due to Matt's loss of his dad and bullying, Matt acts somewhat selfish and cowardly. Which I feel is very realistic, and though those traits are unlikable, Matt is very likable due to how relatable and sympathetic he is. Also, while many stories try to layer bad things to happen to the protagonist to make them more sympathetic, Matt's problems all result from each other making his dilemma feel natural, as opposed to force in an attempt to gain sympathy. Also, Matt's personality perfectly fits with his past and current situation, he is a product off his environment and has the same fears an actual victim of bullying would have. 
Overall Matt and his situation is really well done, and feels very realistic. His dilemma isn't unrealistically huge to add drama; it is true to life and relatable; which isn't common. Also, though I keep saying relatable this story in no way feels like it's trying to hard to be relatable as much as it's just being honest about life. I have read books that try to hard to be relatable, and they're cringy.
Now normally I talk more about the plot in a review, but to be honest this episode is mainly just a set up of Matt and his conflict, and though at the end the pendant is introduced the true time travel element doesn't come into play until the next episode. And though this episode felt more like and introduction, I predict the later episodes with feel more like short stories in different time periods with his character development and the mystery of the pendant weaving them together. I definitely plan on reading them because, I am already invested in Matt's character, and I love history and each episode is supposed to be a different time period, which sounds awesome!

The Pendant also got it's first review on Amazon, and it's a 5 star! [insert happy dance here]

Reviews and Analysis for The Pendant #KOSMOS

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