Friday, 18 May 2018

Book Review: Patch Job (Remade Series 2 Episode 1) by Andrea Phillips

Book Review: Patch Job (Remade Series 2 Episode 1) by Andrea Phillips

Disclosure: I got sent a free copy of this book via Net Galley.

This is second season of ReMade, a 14-episode serial from Serial Box Publishing.

You live. You love. You Die. Now RUN. ReMade is a thrilling sci-fi adventure that will take readers past the boundaries of time, space, and even death.

One moment proved fateful for a group of teenagers—and not just because it’s the moment they all happened to die. At the moment of their deaths, they were snatched forward into the future and remade in a world they hardly recognize. Now, after facing murderous robots and an unpredictable environment, the teens have begun to find their footing. But can they survive long enough to figure out why they were remade? And will they ever be able to stop running?

Currently free!

Interested in the first series of Remade? 

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