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Blog Audit Challenge: Contact Details

Blog Audit Challenge: Contact Details #blogging #BlogAuditChallenge2018

Welcome back for another installment of the Blog Audit Challenge. How are you doing so far? 

Missed a post? Here's a round up of what we've covered so far:

This week's topic: Contact Details

This week we're looking at contact details. It's important to give your readers a way of contacting you. It's especially important to have a way they can contact you if you offer services. The easiest way to do this is to have a contact page on your website. Alternatively, if you just want to use email as your method of being contacted, you can just add a mailto: link.

I have a contact page at It's pretty basic but has links for the various ways I can be contacted. This week I'm going to be updating the page to make it look more professional.

This week's task: 

Make sure you have a way of being contacted on your website.

A few options:

- Add a contact page with all your contact details e.g. email, social media, etc...
- Add a contact link to your navigation bar with a mailto: link
- Add social media icons with links to the profiles you use regularly.
- Add a contact form on your contact page. This can be a good option for those of you that don't want to give out your email address. It also means you can set up the form to include the information you require e.g. if you are using it for review requests only you might want to add sections where they post their book synopsis, ISBN/ASIN, etc...

Other things you might want to consider:

- If you get a lot of emails asking the same things you might find it useful to add some FAQ's to your contact page (either directly on the page or as a link to a separate post that covers them).

Blog Audit Challenge: Contact Details #blogging #BlogAuditChallenge2018