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What Is Your Favourite Genre To Read?

#BookishBlogHops What Is Your Favourite Genre To Read?

Bookish Blog Hops Summer Hop, Day 28

The Bookish Blog Hops Summer Hop started on 1st June when I kicked things off with a post about the books we wished we'd written. Since then we've been visiting the different blogs of participating book bloggers to answer a variety of book related questions.

Yesterday for example, we were hosted by Fee at eBook Addicts to discuss how we feel about cliffhangers. Check out the post here.

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For this post we're discussing our favourite genres to read.

Those of you that know me, know I love thrillers, especially psychological thrillers. I’ll happily read anything that falls into the crime, mystery genre too though.

The thing I like most about this genre is that it's nearly always thought provoking. It makes me think about my own morals, and how I feel about certain topics and themes. I also love trying to work out who did it, and why. In order for this genre to be good the characters need to be well developed. You need to feel a connection with them. Then, of course, there's the action and plot twists. These types of books tend to be page turners that I struggle to put down.

I also like easy read “chick-lit” and romance novels. These are my go-to for when I just want to relax.

What are the most popular literary genres?

Let's see what the rest of the gang had to say...

#BookishBlogHops What Is Your Favourite Genre To Read?

Cozy mysteries always. Although I like mysteries and psychological thrillers too, my all time favorites in any mood are cozy mysteries. I prefer writing such stories too.

#BookishBlogHops What Is Your Favourite Genre To Read?

I love any read any genre but my go to are romance, thriller and cozy mysteries.

#BookishBlogHops What Is Your Favourite Genre To Read?

I will read any genre. Literary, historical fiction, romance and memoirs are my best, like Angela's Ashes or All the Light we Cannot See. I am also a big fan of science fiction, especially when it plays with time, dystopian novels and thrillers.

#BookishBlogHops What Is Your Favourite Genre To Read?

I like to read mystery novels in any genre. I also like quest fantasy novels that are well written.

#BookishBlogHops What Is Your Favourite Genre To Read?
Valerie @ Cats Luv Coffee www.catsluvcoffeez.blogspot.com

Urban fantasy is my favorite.  I love the layering of the magical world on top of our own. The MC is most often a good guy (or girl), strong but sometimes flawed. I love the snarkiness that a lot of them have. Not to mention that it frequently incorporates many other genres like suspense, horror, and romance.  

#BookishBlogHops What Is Your Favourite Genre To Read?

The list of genres I absolutely will not read is far easier to list than the ones I will absolutely read! Fantasy is a big one, with all its subgenres: urban fantasy, epic fantasy, sci-fantasy, high fantasy, low fantasy, fairy tales… Then there’s sci-fi, from cyberpunk and steampunk (pretty much any “punk” at all!) to hard sci-fi and alternate histories. I’ll read crime thrillers and cozy mysteries; supernatural and paranormal. I love them all!

#BookishBlogHops What Is Your Favourite Genre To Read?

Urban Fantasy is always a winner for me. I usually read Romance and Fantasy. And Urban Fantasy is kind of a connection between the two. It often has a Romance element. And it’s a bit more relatable for me than high fantasy worlds.

#BookishBlogHops What Is Your Favourite Genre To Read?
Renee Huggins http://reneesbookcase.com 

Paranormal romance is my favorite, but I’ll usually take a break and go for thriller in between.

What's your favourite genre to read, and why?

#BookishBlogHops What Is Your Favourite Genre To Read?

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