Bookish Blog Hops: A Recap Of All The Summer 2019 Hop Stops | Jo Linsdell

Bookish Blog Hops: A Recap Of All The Summer 2019 Hop Stops

Bookish Blog Hops: A Recap Of All The Summer 2019 Hop Stops

Bookish Blog Hops Summer Hop

Over the month of June the Bookish Blog Hops gang came together again for our Summer Hop. We toured the web for 30 days of bookish questions.

It was great fun getting to know each other better and discovering more about our reading habits, and tastes in books. Not to mention all the great book recommendations we shared. My TBR is exploding with yet more books I want to read now! 

In case you missed any of the stops here's a recap for you:

Day 1

I kicked things off on 1st June with a post where we discussed books we wish we'd written. So many amazing authors were mentioned. 

I also really enjoyed hearing about what particular talents and skills everyone appreciated in the authors they picked. 

Day 2

Then we were hosted by Eline on her blog to talk about choosing books based solely on the cover. This topic created a great discussion, and one which (as a book cover designer myself) I found particularly interesting. 

Day 3

Next we dropped by the site of Fee to chat about reviewing books. As an author I know how important reviews are, and how much they are appreciated, especially on sites like Amazon. 

A review can be what helps a customer decide if they book is for them or not. It's a closer for potential readers, and therefore worth gold to an author. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing there is. 

As a reader I know it can be hard to keep up with posting reviews for all the books read though. It was comforting to see how other book bloggers manage their book reviews. It was also great to see how many support the authors they read by posting reviews to multiple sites. 

Day 4

Our next stop was on the site of Devi to discuss the authors we always read and recommend. This post reminded me of some authors I really need to read more from. 

Day 5

Have you ever wondered how book bloggers find their next read? That was the topic of discussion in this post. 

Day 6

Then we visited Kim's website to confer about classics. I loved this topic and all the books that came up in the discussion. 

Day 7

For this stop we talked about the sort of books we like to read in the summer months. This was a great topic for getting to know each others reading tastes. 

Day 8

Our hop then took us to Leslie's website where chatted about how we keep track of all the books we read and review. This topic also gave us the chance to debate about Goodreads.

Day 9

Next we visited Laura's website for a trip down memory lane. In this post we talked about some of the most memorable books from our childhoods. 

Day 10

We couldn't have a blog hop and not mention the books we're currently reading now could we? In this post we shared our current reads, and it was interesting to see that many of us have more than one book on the go at once. 

Day 11

This stop added several books to my TBR. So many great sounding books mentioned in this post about books we can't wait to read this summer. 

Day 12

For this stop we shared books that are sure to get you in the mood for summer. 

Day 13

This post was all about book settings and the destinations books inspire us to want to visit.

Day 14

We embraced the summer vibe in this post about books set in summer.

Day 16

I'm a sucker for a good quote and so loved this post about some of our favourite book quotes.

Day 17

For this post we discussed how reading inspires our everyday life. I feel like I could have written any of these answers.

Day 18

Our next stop had us debating the worst film adaptions of books.

Day 19

Then we visited Brandy's blog to share our favourite books of 2019 so far.

Day 21

Day 22

I'm currently melting here in Rome so this topic was easy to answer.

Day 23

Next we discussed our favourite film adaptions of books. I now want to read and watch all of these.

Day 24

For this stop we talked about the last book series we read.

Day 27

Next we talked about how we feel about cliffhangers.

Day 28

I was back hosting again for this stop where we discussed our favourite genres to read.

Day 29

Our next stop was discussing when books get turned into movies.

Day 30

And for the final stop in this Summer Hop we talked about what book is next on our TBR lists

It was a fantastic hop and I can't wait for the next one. It's great getting to know other book bloggers, and these blog hops always introduce me to new authors, and add new books to my TBR. 

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Bookish Blog Hops: A Recap Of All The Summer 2019 Hop Stops

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  1. Thank you so much, Jo, for initiating and summarizing this wonderful month. It was an awesome journey and learnt a lot through the process. Looking forward to the next blog hop.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the blog hop. Preparation is already underway for our next Bookish Blog Hop in September.

  2. Thank you for organizing the hop! The questions were again awesome :-)

    1. Thanks Eline. These blog hops are always so much fun to do. It's great getting to know other book bloggers, discover new books, and learn more about blogging.

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