Series I'm Obsessed With: The Shepherd Series by Ethan Cross | Jo Linsdell

Series I'm Obsessed With: The Shepherd Series by Ethan Cross

Book Series I'm Obsessed With: The Shepherd Series by Ethan Cross

So far in this series I've shared my love for the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, and the Me Before You series by Jojo Moyes. Today I'm highlighting one of my absolute favourites from the thriller genre; The Shepherd series by Ethan Cross.

Warning some small spoilers ahead for those of you that haven't read the series yet.

Reasons why I love The Shepherd series:

1) Perfectly grey characters

Ethan Cross has a real talent for creating characters. Very rarely are his creations ever completely evil or completely good. There's always an element of "grey" to them, that just makes them feel all the more real. 

I love that the good guys make mistakes, and that the bad guys also have moments where they do the "right thing" for a change. It really makes you feel invested in the characters, both good and bad. 

2) Action packed

All the books in The Shepherd Series are fast paced and packed with action. There's always something going on, and always something that keeps you turning the pages.

3) Thought provoking

This series really makes you question your morals, vigilante justice, and the legal system in general. It'll have you thinking about the whole question of good vs evil in a new light. 

Favourite Characters:

Francis Ackerman Jr - Although he is the main bad guy in this series, Ackerman Jr is the character that made this series so great. Sure the protagonist Marcus Williams is good, but it's Ackerman Jr, that steals the show. 

Despite all the truly gruesome things this serial killer does you can't help but feel for him. There's even times when a part of you can't help but think he might be right about some stuff. 

Some of My Favourite Quotes:

“We’re so fascinated by what we fear.” - The Shepherd

“Home is somewhere that we all search for and many will never truly find." - The Shepherd

“Maybe we all have a monster inside. Maybe we all have the same capacity for evil as we do for good." - The Shepherd

“While you were learning about Lincoln and Washington, I was learning about Jack the Ripper, Albert Fish, Ed Gein, the Zodiac. Those were just a few of my founding fathers.” - The Shepherd

“I've told you before. I'm here for you, day or night. Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else. You are the one who gets burned.” - The Prophet

"It's moments such as these when a person must examine their existence and their place in this world. We all have regrets. Some mistakes can be rectified, and some can never be undone. The trick is realizing the difference and acting upon it." - Father of Fear

My reviews of the books:

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Have you read this series? 

Not read them yet? Grab your copies here:

Book Series I'm Obsessed With: The Shepherd Series by Ethan Cross

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