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Why We Love The Book Blogging Community

Why We Love The Book Blogging Community #BookishBlogHops #BookBlogging

After taking some time off this summer (I'll do a separate post to talk more about that and what changes are on the way), what better way to come back than with a Bookish Blog Hops post. 

Bookish Blog Hops is a group I run via Facebook where book bloggers come together and take part in blog hops. Each day of the hop we visit a different book bloggers blog to answer a different bookish question. It's a lot of fun and a great way to get to know other book bloggers. There are lots of other advantages to being part of the blog hops too like; quality backlinks, reaching new audiences, etc...

I love this little group and how supportive everyone is of each other, even when we're not hopping. It's a wonderful little community.

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Why We Love The Book Blogging Community

For this post we're celebrating all that is awesome about the book blogging community.

Whilst our little group is amazing, there are loads of other book bloggers out there on the world wide web that make being part of this community a real pleasure.

I'm a part of some other Facebook groups for book bloggers where I've made friends, and been blown away by the level of support offered. Don't go thinking I'm part of lots of Facebook groups, because I'm not. I'm only actually an active member in a handful of groups. These few are amazing though and great examples of the book blogging community at it's best.

Those of you that know me, know one of my favourite social media sites is Twitter. It's also where I've connected with some truly nice members of the book blogging community. A example of which is people like Dave from @The_WriteReads who goes above and beyond to support book bloggers. 

As you may know, I live in Italy. I prefer to read books in English but most of my friends here either don't share my love of reading, or don't know enough English to read them. Whilst we can chat about the same book if they've read the translated version, it's not easy to be part of a 'real-life' book community. This is why I love the online book blogging community so much. It gives me the chance to connect with others who share my love of reading, share reading recommendations, and discuss books and blogging in general. 

I've always been passionate about spreading the love of reading. Both as a writer and as a book blogger. It's nice to be part of a community that feels the same.

I'm not the only one who loves the book blogging community though. Here's what my fellow Bookish Blog Hops buddies had to say:

As book bloggers, we like obsessing over our colour-coded bookshelves, screaming over the latest releases, and crying about books that break our hearts. It is great to have a community of people to do that with. 

There are also many practical aspects of blogging, that can only be learned from other bloggers. Not sure how to style your Bookstagram or write a review for a less-than-perfect book? Ask other bloggers.

I love book bloggers because it’s like having a bunch of friends who love raving about their favorite books and dissing on their least favorite as much as I do! Book bloggers, more than any other place, is where you can find reliably GOOD books, and they’ll make every effort to tell you why it’s good. We aren’t a shallow bunch who ramble about books only if we’ve seen the movie, or only take pleasure in the story if the guy is “cute”... We know exactly why we like what we are reading, and we can get deep into the stuff of literature, and we recognize skill when we witness it. Book bloggers will be honest and forthright. We’ll give our opinion straight-up, holding back only where spoilers are involved, but we won’t just say grandiose words and poetic phrases because they’re buzzwords--when we like a book and recommend it, chances are you’ll like it too! I love the diversity of book bloggers, because each different blog comes from someone with slightly different tastes from others. The same book reviewed by three different people will have three different perspectives on it--and not all the books you’ll encounter on a book blog are available on library or bookstore shelves. (Yay for indie authors doing their thing!!) Book blogs are truly a unique and rewarding thing to experience, and well worth supporting, whether you write or read.

I love the book blogging community because it is like home with close friends and family. How many of us have people in our everyday life that are as crazy about books as we are? Not a lot of us. Conversely, in the book blogging community, you find people who read the same books that you do. Or you find books that you may never have heard about or thought would interest you. Also, I have run across many reviews that make me wonder why I didn’t request that specific title from NetGalley or Edelweiss. I also love agreeing to disagree when it comes to opinions about books. In all, I have found many fantastic reviewers in the community and this has resulted in me becoming better at this thing I love.

Why I love the blogging community, that's simple, because we're all book crazy and love to talk about books , plus it's nice to see what genres we all have in common, and helping each other find new authors to read ,plus it's also a way for me to make new friends as well and not be considered crazy because of my love for reading, it's also a way of letting me let people know about websites like Netgalley.

Why We Love The Book Blogging Community #BookishBlogHops #BookBlogging

Why do you love the blogging community?

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    1. They really were great answers. Nice to hear about everyone's experiences with the book blogging community.

  2. Great first post. I look forward to all the other answers for this blog hop.

    1. Thanks Robin. I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for the other questions on this round of the Bookish Blog Hops.

  3. What an interesting idea. I loved the responses. Being part of a book bloggers group is fantastic.

    1. Thanks. Glad you liked it. I love being part of such a great group of book bloggers. The book blogging community in general is awesome.

  4. Wonderful post! It's such a great community :-)

    1. Thanks Eline. I'm loving everyone's answers. Super glad to know so many awesome book bloggers.


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