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Book Advent Calendar Day 8

Book Advent Calendar Day 8 #Freebie #FreeReads #Books #Christmas

Free Reads Every Day!

Playing catch up today after a busy weekend of family birthdays, swim training, and ice skating. My dropping behind though means you get two posts today, which means two free books for your reading list. 

I hope you managed to grab a copy of the featured book from the 7th The Christmas Cookie House: A Sweet Holiday Romance (Christmas House Romances Book 1) by Jennifer Griffith

It's December and that means the count down to Christmas is on. This year I decided to set up a special advent calendar where I'll be featuring a different book every day. You'll be able to grab a free copy of each book on the day it's featured. That means 24 free reads!

I'll be offering you the chance to get your hands on some great books, from a variety of genres, all for free!

I'll be visiting Amazon each day and selecting a book at random from their free list. I'm not even sure which books I'll be featuring yet so it'll be a surprise for me too. 

Book Advent Calendar Day 8

Book Advent Calendar Day 8 #Freebie #FreeReads #Books #Christmas

Title: Wake Up!: How to Get Out of Your Mind, Stop Living on Autopilot, and Start Choosing Your Best Life

Author: Claudia Velandia

Grab your free copy here

About the book:

Wake Up to Your Limitless Life!
Are you struggling to find the best version of yourself? Have you been living on autopilot, controlled by your past conditioning and your ego? Do you suspect you are sabotaging your own success?If you are weary of seeing life through a negative lens, if you feel empty, unfulfilled, fearful, or unhappy, if you sense there is somehow more to life, Wake Up! will help you understand that anything you are experiencing stems from your own subconscious programming, and you have the power to move beyond it.In this practical how-to book, you will:Understand what is going on in your mind and how the intrinsic mechanism of your brain influences and limits your beliefs and behaviours.Identify where your autopilot conditioning is coming from and how, along with your ego, it is restraining you from attaining the life you desire.Learn to stop living your life from a fearful perspective and instead consciously create a life you love and are passionate about.Obtain practical tools and skills to do the inner work necessary to free yourself of your subconscious, self-imposed boundaries and energize your life.Unlock your highest potential by using the power of your mind.Live your life in quantum alignment—the full alignment of your body, mind, heart, and soul—a life removed from suffering, one that follows your heart and soul.Wake Up! will take you on a journey of self-realization in which you’ll discover a higher level of consciousness and ultimately find greater well-being, love, happiness, peace, and purpose.

I'm in a bit of a rut at the moment so hoping this book will help me figure a few things out.

Book Advent Calendar Day 8 #Freebie #FreeReads #Books #Christmas

Check back tomorrow for another free read!