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Book Advent Calendar Day 24

Book Advent Calendar Day 24 #FreeReads #FreeBooks #Books #Christmas

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I hope you managed to grab a copy of the featured book for 23rd A Duke She Can't Refuse (The Impossible Balfours Book 1) by Gemma Blackwood.

This year I decided to set up a special advent calendar where I featured a different book every day giving you the chance to grab a free copy of each book on the day it was featured. A total of 24 free reads!

I had a super busy Christmas Eve and so didn't manage to post this on the 24th as planned but I didn't want you to miss out on the last day of this book advent calendar and so I'm posting today.

I hope you've enjoyed discovering these books with me over the past 24 days. I know I've had fun searching through the free reads on Amazon to select a book for each day. 

Book Advent Calendar Day 24

Book Advent Calendar Day 24 #FreeReads #FreeBooks #Books #Christmas

Title: Murder on Board : A Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery Book 1

Author: Ivy Dawson

Grab your free copy here

About the book:

Shae Jordan is trying to get a fresh start. She wants to take beautiful pictures and see the world, and so decides to take employment on a cruise ship. Unfortunately, life isn’t on a cruise ship isn’t one big holiday, as Shae is about to find out. After her first night, a body is found in one of the main pools.
The victim is heiress, Nova Ashcroft. It also becomes immediately apparent that it was no accident when they find out that Nova had been stabbed.
When the Captain approaches Shae and asks her to take a look around, Shae knows where to start. However, members of the crew are determined to keep the whole thing a secret, and surprisingly, so is Nova’s husband.
Will Shae find the truth? Or will the secret of who killed Nova be lost at sea?

Book Advent Calendar Day 24 #FreeReads #FreeBooks #Books #Christmas


  1. This book is ok for a first book. I am going to check out best wikipedia page creation service next one before deciding if I want to go any farther just because I have kindle unlimited so it does not cost me anything to check it out but if I was going to have to pay for it this would be the only one I would read.