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Book Review: Nobody's Perfect by Douglas Clark

#BookReview: Nobody's Perfect by Douglas Clark

My thoughts about Nobody's Perfect by Douglas Clark

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#BookReview: Nobody's Perfect by Douglas ClarkThe chairman of Barugt Pharmaceutical, Adam Huth, is found murdered at his desk in his office.

Called to investigate Huth’s sudden death, Detective Chief Inspector Masters and Inspector Green of Scotland Yard, find Huth slumped in his chair. Initial observations conclude that one of the company’s employees murdered Huth.

Faced with the prospect of eight hundred suspects, Masters and Green have their work cut out.

When all signs suggest the cause of death was an overdose of drugs, not self-administered the investigation’s complexity increases. In a company that has unlimited access to drugs, and with drug experts working within the company, Masters and Green find themselves searching for a needle in a haystack.

Adam Huth was a popular man. Anyone who knew him hardly had a bad word to say about him. This just made the case even harder … what motive could the murderer have had?

Mr Torr, the Personnel Manager, has something to hide. Masters and Green can sense it. Arousing their interest, Masters and Green start to dig into Mr Torr further. The matter of missing Metathiazanone tablets puts Mr Torr high on the list of suspects. Huth knew about the missing tranquilizers, and Masters and Green are almost certain Mr Torr murdered Huth out of fear of being sacked …

Mrs Huth had a lot to gain from Mr Huth’s death. His life insurance would have kept her going for a while … another suspect to add to Master and Green’s list.

Mr Huth was suffering from a kidney infection … according to Dr Mouncer, who prescribed the drugs that killed him. Yet another one to add to the list …

As the investigation takes them deeper into the profile of certain employees, the discovery of the missing drugs and its uses, surfaces. And the murderer’s motive behind the killing shocks everyone …

Nobody's Perfect is book 1 in the Masters and Green Mystery series.