Bookish Blog Hops: 31 Days of Bookish Q&A's | Jo Linsdell

Bookish Blog Hops: 31 Days of Bookish Q&A's

#BookishBlogHops 31 Days of Bookish Q&A's: A Recap Of All The Spring Blog Hop Stops

31 Days of Bookish Q&A's

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March was a life changing month for most of us (I know it was for me), but the Bookish Blog Hops gang carried on sharing their love of books. For 31 days we came together to discuss various topics related to reading, books, and book blogging. 

Miss some of the stops? Don't worry I've got you covered.

Bookish Blog Hops: A Recap Of All The Stops On The Spring Hop

1st March - 2020 releases

6th March - A Book With More Than 400 Pages

7th March - The Last Non Fiction Book You Read

9th March - A Book That Was Originally Written In A Different Language

10th March - What Reading Challenges Are You Taking Part In This Year?

13th March - A Book Set In The Future

15th March - A Book You Started But Haven’t Finished

17th March - A Book By An Author Who Uses Initials In Their Pen Name

18th March - Highlight Of Your Book Blogging Career To Date?

19th March - How Many Books Is Too Many Books In A Book Series?

21st March - What Book Death Hit You The Hardest?

23rd March - What Author (who is still living) Would You Love To Meet

24th March - What book or series do you hope and pray will be turned into a movie or TV show one day?

27th March - What's your favourite snack, or beverage to have beside you while you're reading?

28th March - What deceased author would you have liked to meet?

29th March - Do you prefer paperbacks or ebooks? Why?

30th March - Last Audiobook You Listened To?

31st March - What book will you read next?

#BookishBlogHops 31 Days of Bookish Q&A's: A Recap Of All The Spring Blog Hop Stops

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  1. Thank you for organizing this Jo.

    1. It was my pleasure. A bit different this time round with everything that's going on with coronavirus but still fun.

  2. It was a really great hop, even though so many of us were struggling, at least in the second half of March. I'm definitely looking forward to the next one! Hopefully, there won't be a global crisis that time around ;-)
    Thank you for organizing and always coming up with so many fun and interesting questions for us book bloggers! Hope you're doing well <3