Blog Audit Challenge 2020: April Challenges | Jo Linsdell

Blog Audit Challenge 2020: April Challenges

Blog Audit Challenge 2020: April Challenges #BlogAuditChallenge2020

Blog Audit Challenge 2020

Welcome back for another month of challenges for the Blog Audit Challenge 2020!

I hope you did well with the March challenges, and linked up your progress reports in the March Link Up. 

Each month we'll concentrate on a different area of our blogs.

The Challenges:

January- Plan of action
April- Design
May- SEO
June- Links
July- Quality content
August- Content gaps
September- Developing readership
October- Get social
November- Press and collaborations
December- Know your stats

Monthly link ups

In order to keep us all on track, and give us a way to see each others progress, I'll be hosting link ups on the first Saturday of every month where participants can share their links and discuss their progress. 


April Challenges

Our focus for April is on design. 

The April challenges will reinforce branding, improve SEO, and mean we have plenty of images to be shared via social media when promoting our content. 

The April challenges:

1. Images

The right graphics can make a huge difference to a blog. Worried about not having any design skills? Think it'll take up too much of your time to create visual elements to go with your blog posts? Don't panic. There are plenty of tools available online, for free, that make it super easy and will only take you a minute to make. 

Canva is my go to tool for my blog graphics. I created templates for my blog graphics (blog post header, Pinterest, etc...) so that whenever I do a new post I just open the template, update the text, and insert a different background image. It only takes a minute and each image is perfectly sized, ready for posting. 

Make sure every blog post has at least one image.

2. Optimize your images

Make sure every image you post has alt tags. Use keywords to supercharge the SEO on your post. 

3. Readability

Design isn't just about graphics and other images. It's about the whole look and feel of your web page. A big block of text will have readers clicking away at light speed. It just seems like too much hard work. 

Make sure your post is formatted for easy readability. Break text up into smaller paragraphs, use lists (numbered or bullet points), and take into account the white space on the page. Also make sure your text is easy on the eyes. Generally speaking darker text on a lighter background is best. 

Free downloads: You can grab copies of all the extra materials for the Blog Audit Challenge 2020 for free here

Save the Date!

The May challenges will be posted on 1st May. The monthly link up post for sharing your April progress will be on 2nd May. 

Blog Audit Challenge 2020: April Challenges #BlogAuditChallenge2020


  1. Jo, hope you are doing fine..
    regarding the challenges, I am way behind already.. but with my classes finally done for the winter quarter (gave my finals today) i might be able to catch up as i work on other challenges alongside

    1. Hi sorry for my delay in replying. Life is quite different at the moment. My family and myself are doing fine. Finding it hard to remember what normal pre-quarantine life was life now. Don't worry about falling behind with the challenge tasks. Nothing in this Blog Audit Challenge is set in stone. I'm behind with some of last months tasks myself. Just do what you can and hopefully at the end of the year our blogs will be improved. Also congrats on giving your finals. I hope they went well.