2020 Challenges: May Update | Jo Linsdell

2020 Challenges: May Update

2020 Challenges: May Update #ProgressReport #Challenges

2020 Challenges: May Update

May brought with it some changes to the laws here in Italy, and finally a little freedom. We finally left our apartment! 

We've not really been out and about much but it has made a huge different being able to take the kids for a walk in the park near our apartment. Days are still mainly filled with distance learning, but we get up early so we can get our walk in before they have to log on for their video lessons. Also, there's less people around early morning which means we can relax properly and enjoy being outside.

This small shift in our daily routine has really helped pull me out of my slump. Whilst I'm no where near as productive as I'd like to be, I am doing much better with my challenges. 

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The Blog Audit Challenge 2020

This is a challenge I created aimed at improving our blogs. You can find full details here in case you missed the introduction post. The goals for May were all related to SEO. 

1. Keywords In Headlines

I've been going through my older blog posts and making notes about the keywords that should go with each piece of content. I've then gone on Google and done a  content search for each and made notes from that too. I'll slowly be working my way through them all to improve my blog post titles. In most cases I'll be strengthening my SEO with the use of sub-headings. 

2. Labels, Tags, and Descriptions

This is another time consuming task. I'm actually not too bad at adding labels to my blog posts so I've not spent much time on this part of the task.  

Blog post descriptions however are a whole different story. I've discovered that some of my older posts didn't have the blog post description section filled out at all (blogger sin, I know). In my defense, it was back in my earlier blogging days and I didn't know any better back then.

I've also discovered that a lot of the time, although I was using the description section in blog posts, I wasn't including text that actually added to the SEO power of the blog post. 

Needless to say, this part of the task is taking me ages. 

3. The Blog Post

I have quite a lot of experience as a content writer, but realised through this challenge that some of my blog posts were a bit flat. I'm slowly making edits to bring them up to standard. 

This is of course one of the big reasons for doing a blog audit challenge. Over time we get better at blogging, writing, editing, etc... We discover our writing style, and develop our brand. 

4. The Comments Section 

I've been going through the comment sections of my blog posts and was horrified to see there were a few comments that I hadn't replied to (I'm so sorry!). I've therefore been making sure all comments left have a reply.

I've also been looking into ways to increase engagement on my blog posts. 

The Audiobook Challenge

This challenge is was created by Eline from Lovely Audiobooks. I'm doing it as a year long challenge. 

I've really entered a slump with this challenge.  I didn't listen to any audiobooks this month. 

2020 Challenges: March Progress Report #AudiobookChallenge2020

Audiobooks listened to this month:
  • 0

The A to Z Reading Challenge

Next up is the A to Z Reading Challenge. I did better this month.

The A to Z Reading Challenge

Books read this month:

B- Breakup Boot Camp by Beth Merlin (if you remember I started this last month. Finally finished it)
E- Even Good Girls by Nicholas Jordan

And another T - The Never Have I Ever Club by Mary Jayne Baker 

Armed with a Bingo

I did better with the Armed with a Bingo challenge this month too. 

2020 Challenges: May Update Armed With A Bingo

Books read this month:
  • The Never Have I Ever Club by Mary Jayne Baker (A book published in 2020- Pub Date June 2020).
  • Even Good Girls by Nicholas Jordan (A Young Adult Novel)

2020 Challenges: May Update #ProgressReport #Challenges