2021 Challenges: February Update | Jo Linsdell

2021 Challenges: February Update


2021 Challenges: February Update

2021 Challenges: February Update

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February was a shorter month and a bit slower than January. I'm still quite happy with my progress with my various challenges though. 

The Blog Audit Challenge 2021

The February Challenges were focused on the legal aspects of blogging. 

1. Check for disclosure statements on your blog posts

I've been going through my older posts and making sure they have my disclosure statement including in them. I wish I'd been better at doing this in the past. Time consuming updating them all but needed.

This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning, I get a commission if you purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Read the full disclosure here.

2. Create/Update your Disclaimer page

3. Create/Update your Privacy Policy page

4. Create/Update your Terms and Conditions page

I personally have one page for all of the legal disclaimers for this site so I only have one page to update. I've been making a few small tweaks here and there to make sure it's current. 

The Social Media Audit Challenge

For this challenge I'm concentrating on social media. The February focus was on cleaning up our online presence. 

Task 1: Make a list of all your online accounts. Delete any social media profiles you no longer use. 

Guys and girls, I still had a MySpace account 🤯 

I remember back when social media was just starting to take off and new sites were popping up all over the place. Of course, I thought I had to sign up for them all 🤦

Task 2: Visit each of your remaining social media profiles and try to look at them as an outsider would. Is your brand clear? What vibe are you sending out? Is your account verified? What do you think could be improved? Is your information up to date?

For the most part my branding is consistent across all my social media channels. All sites are verified/claimed. 

Twitter - This is where I'm most active. I'm on here most days.

Facebook - I've not always been consistent posting to my page in the past but I'm trying to be better. I've started scheduling more posts to make sure I have regular content posted to my page. 

YouTube - I'm trying to post new video content on a more regular basis. My goal is to have a new video uploaded to the channel every Tuesday. I'm also adding more diversity to my videos (in recent years I've only really been posting my book reviews) to be more in keeping with my overall brand. This means I'll be doing more videos with content related to books and blogging on the channel. 

Pinterest - I love this site! I'm on here most days too. I've recently been trying to create several alternative pins for each of my blog posts and been experimenting with video and gifs too. I definitely want to improve on here. 

Instagram - I've not been very good at uploading regular content here but I want to improve and becoming a more active member of the Bookstagram community again. 

LinkedIn - I added an on-brand banner to my profile (something I'd somehow skipped doing in the past) and updated my profile photo. I plan to post content here on a more regular basis from now on. 

The Clock Reading Challenge

I created the Clock Reading Challenge as I thought it would be fun and not too difficult to complete. 

Still nicely on track for this challenge. 

The Clock Reading Challenge February Update

Books read this month:

2-  Between Two Thieves

The A to Z Reading Challenge

Next up is the A to Z Reading Challenge.

A slower month this time round but still made progress and ticked off another couple of letters. 

A to Z Reading Challenge 2021 Feb Update

Books read this month:

Q- Queen of Someday by Sherry D. Ficklin - My ReviewAmazonGoodreads

B- Between Two Thieves by Solomon Carter - My Review- AmazonGoodreads 

2021 Challenges: February Update

How did you do with your February Challenges? Are you taking part in the Blog Audit Challenge or the Social Media Audit Challenge this year? Have you read any of these books? Join the conversation in the comments section. 

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  1. Oh I need to get on those audit posts. I definitely need them in my life. Also MySpace account? LOL

  2. Thanks for the blog audit tips. Going over old posts is a real pain but a must. I have thousands and stopped at 2017s posts, I must continue.

  3. You are so creative and organized! I aspire to your level of efficiency.

  4. You know I probably still have a MySpace account too. I should remedy that.

  5. You’re kicking butt on your challenges!

  6. Great update. I think I might do a post like this because I am joining in on some challenges this year as well.

  7. I love your challenges update!