Book Review: Taking the Reins by Katrina Abbott

Book Review: Taking the Reins by Katrina Abbott

Disclosure: I received this audiobook at no-cost from Audiobookworm Promotions. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

Book Review: Taking the Reins by Katrina Abbott
Brooklyn Prescott (if that's even her real name) is the new girl at The Rosewood Academy for Academic Excellence, now that she's moved back to the States after two years living in London. Rosewood, a boarding school for children of the rich and famous and known for its celebutantes, is missing just one element important to any junior's education: boys. But luckily for Brooklyn, and the rest of the Rosewood girls, there's a boys' boarding school, The Westwood Academy, just a few miles away. On her very first day, Brooklyn meets Will, a gorgeous and flirty boy on campus to help with move in. But is he who she thinks he is? And what about Brady, the cute stable boy? Or Jared, the former child actor with his grown-up good looks who can always make her laugh? As Brooklyn settles in at Rosewood, she's faced with new friends, new challenges and new opportunities to make herself into the girl she always wanted to be. Whoever that might be. Taking The Reins is the first installment of The Rosewoods, an exciting new Young Adult series for readers who love fun, flirty love stories.

Blog Audit Challenge: The About Page

Blog Audit Challenge: The About Page

Welcome back for the third installment of the Blog Audit Challenge. 

Last week we looked at legal disclaimers. If you missed the post you can find it here:

Last week's task was to make sure you have legal disclaimers on your blog and/or to update them. 

This Week's Topic: The About Page

This week we're looking at the About Page.

The About Page is statistically one of the most visited pages on any blog. This is why it's one of the most important pages you will create for your site. 

It's where readers can find out more about you and why you decided to create your blog. 
- It let's them know what kind of content they can expect from your site. 
- It helps them get to know you better and therefore helps build the relationship between you. 
- It tell's them about your products/services.

This week I'm going to be updating my About Page. I'll be making small tweaks to the text, and changing the images for more up to date photo's. I'm also thinking about adding a video element. 

Did you know that blog posts with images get 94% more views? [Source] So make sure you've included an image or two on your own About Page ;) 

This Week's Task

Create/ Update your About Page. 

Things to keep in mind:

- It doesn't have to be all about you. Sure it can tell your personal story, but more importantly it should focus on what you offer your reader. 
- Don't forget about SEO. Make sure you're using your keywords to help your page show up in search results.
- Including an image doesn't mean you have to put a photo of yourself (although that is great for reinforcing the human element and connecting with your audience). Some people just don't feel comfortable putting their face up in public. In this case it's a good idea to use a different kind of image e.g. your logo or an image that symbolizes your brand. Just text is boring to look at. An image or two can be a great way to break up the text ;)
- In order for an About Page to be successful people need to be able to find it. Make sure you have a link to your About Page in your navigation bar. 

I Got Book Mail!

I Got Book Mail! Unboxing

I got book mail! I love it when the postman surprises me with a package, especially when it contains a book. This time it was from author K. Allen.

Watch the unboxing:

The book:

I Got Book Mail! Unboxing Remembering What I Forgot by K. Allen.
About the book:

You may remember visiting a grandparent or elder friend who lived in a nursing home memory unit. When you were a child you may recall sights, sounds, and smells that caused you to feel uneasy. Step into any one of today’s 16,000 long-term care facilities across the US, and suddenly those memories reemerge. 

Nurse Supervisor K. Allen tells of the emotional investments found while working with seniors inside the Van Gogh, a large upscale urban assisted living complex. Located at its core is found a locked memory care unit, the Rembrandt, where he and his heroic support team struggle to comfort those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other types of Dementia. Emotionally rich and deeply moving, Remembering What I Forgot tells of a day in the life of a memory unit nurse and the unimaginable obstacles faced by todays health care workers.

A first of its kind, the story provides its reader with a rare glimpse into “life on a memory unit” including the emotional torment experienced by visitors who witness their loved one slip into ever increasing apathy and confusion. In its truest sense a love story of the need to cope and how to find hope when someone we love suddenly cannot remember well and is handed a diagnosis of Dementia. 

Insightful, humorous and heartfelt, Remembering What I Forgot conveys a message of inspiration and helps us connect with those in the final chapter of their life. Let us not forget them.

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