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Yesterday I took part in the 24hourathon readathon. 

This is what I had planned for my TBR:

I didn't actually manage to read for the full 24 hours but I did manage to finish reading Little Lost Girl so I'm still happy with the result.

Now looking forward to Booktubeathon starting in a few days time.

Do you take part in readathons? Which is your favourite? Did you do the 24hourathon? Planning on taking part in Booktubeathon? Let me know in the comments below.

Interviewed by Simon Rose + General Update

Interviewed by Simon Rose

I've been having a lovely summer break so far. The kids are keeping me busy (I'm going to need a break once this break is over ;)). Beach, swimming pool, concerts, hanging out with friends and family... so much fun! Unfortunately it has meant I'm a little behind with work. I'm going to be doing some major catch up sessions. I have managed to fit in a bit of reading though so all is not lost ;)

Interviewed by Simon Rose + general update

In amongst all this craziness I was interviewed about the KOSMOS series by fellow author Simon Ross for his blog at I hope you'll drop by and check it out. 

Interviewed by Simon Rose

In other news, The Pendant is rocking the best sellers lists on Amazon over the past few days during it's free promotion. Grab your copy at and don't forget to post a quick review once you've read it. 

The Pendant (KOSMOS Episode 1) #AmazonBestSeller #FreeRead

And now to get some writing done...

Get The 1st Episode Of The KOSMOS Series For FREE

Get The 1st Episode Of The KOSMOS Series For FREE #FreeRead

From July 17th-21st 2017 you can grab The Pendant (KOSMOS Episode 1) for FREE on all Amazon sites.

About the series:
KOSMOS is a serial fiction of 12 episodes. A new episode of this time travel adventure will be published on the 1st of each month. 

About the book:

Matthew Smith feels like his life is a mess. Since his dad died he keeps arguing with his mum, is being bullied at school, and has a crush on a girl who doesn't seem to know he's alive. Just when he thinks things couldn't possibly get any worse he finds a strange pendant that changes his life forever.

You can watch me do a reading of an excerpt from The Pendant here:

Please take a moment to post a quick review of the book once you've read it. Thanks for your support.