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Book Review: PsychoAnalysis by VR Stone

Book Review: PsychoAnalysis by VR Stone

Today I'm sharing with you my review of PsychoAnalysis by VR Stone

About the book: 

A serial killer who wants to quit. A detective struggling to keep his personal life out of a murder hunt. And a celebrity psychiatrist facing an incredible challenge. Three damaged individuals, linked by their traumatic histories. They’ve chosen very different paths. Now those paths are about to cross.

Sarah Silver is a hedge fund manager – from Monday to Friday she makes a killing in the markets. At weekends, though, she hunts men, not profits. Martin White used to be a brilliant detective. But his family, judgement and self-control are deserting him. And Karl Gross has sold millions of books on serial killers. However he’s a controversial figure in the medical community.

Can Martin keep it together and catch a killer who commits almost perfect crimes? Is Karl capable of unravelling Sarah’s psyche and putting an end to the killing? Or will she disappear when she realises that the hunter has become the hunted?

PsychoAnalysis is a psychological crime thriller that explores the grey area between good and evil. Why would a woman kill for fun? Can she be understood? Can she be stopped?

“The mind is like an iceberg. Most of it lies beneath the surface, a subconscious universe of thoughts we can’t observe. It contains memories too painful to remember, elicits emotions we don’t want to feel, and makes us do things we don’t understand.”

My review:

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Disclosure: I got sent a free ecopy of this book by the publisher via Net Galley.

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Giant Authortube Collab: April Recap

Giant Authortube Collab: April Recap #Authortube #Authors

The wonderful Tori Griffin came up with the awesome idea of bringing together a group of authors for a huge video collaboration project. Obviously, I jumped at the chance to be involved.

From April through to the end of June 2017 I'm participating with a group of other authors in the Giant Authortube Collab. This is a series of video where we come together to answers different questions each week.

Here's a list of the participating authors:

Samantha Jayne Grubey - 
Stephen Alff (Alffbooks) -
Sade Rena -
Wulfie (Silly Little Ravenclaw) - 
Lauren (cook’s books) 
Morgan Lee (Literally Unperfect)- 

In April I was part of the following videos:

Where do you do your best writing?

Author Influences and Self-Doubt


 What Was The First Story You Ever Wrote?


 Overcoming writing hurdles and do other types of art inspire you to write?


Which video is your favourite so far?