A few of the tweets about Promo Day #PD13 | Jo Linsdell

A few of the tweets about Promo Day #PD13

The big day has finally arrived and the action is in full swing. Have you visited the website www.PromoDay.info yet? The presentations have all been amazing and packed full of useful tips and advice.

A lot action has been taking place on Twitter (the tweetchat widget on site makes it super easy to share tweets about the event).

Here's just a few tweets that people have been sharing:

and a few from Promo Day commenting on the presentations:

You can still join in. Go to www.PromoDay.info now and register. It's completely free and open to all. Make sure you check the opportunities thread in the forums for info about opportunities to be interviewed or join in book pimping sessions.

Don't forget to tweet about the event using the hashtag #PD13 :)