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PD13 Webinar Feedback

On Saturday 25th May I presented a video webinar at Promo Day about "How writers can use Google+ Hangouts". 

Feedback from attendees has been great. Here's just a few of the comments:

Screenshot of webinar with Facebook comments being made in real time during the event
"This was great I've been wondering for MONTHS what this was... now I know "

"I am very much looking forward to your webinar about Google+."

"I love the capture feature I use it for my weather predictions :) this is my first time learning about google hangouts, Jo's very informative, love the accent! ;) #PD13"

"Oh, yeah. Make your hangout more professional and pump up its marketing potential by adding a lower third to the page that is all for you you you. Put your logo, your URL, your slogan, etc. in the static lower third of the page. Another fab idea from Jo Linsdell- Feliciani's presentation at #PD13."

"Excellent idea from Jo Linsdell- Feliciani at #PD13--use a Google Hangout name that has ideal SEO. That's right: you name your Hangout when you have a meeting/event in Google+."

"how to do a virtual book signing at your book events - have a global audience, meetings with editors, publishers, literary agents on your hangouts #PD13."

"interview at writing events, conferences, this is what NEW literary agents should do using Google Hangout learn how here #PD13 may 25 2013."

"cacoo for mango.. makes me want to eat fruits lol #PD13 watching jo's free webinar how writers can use Google+ this also applies to business, film, celebrity industry, you can use this tool to have LIVE webinars with your fans!"

See at next years event! ;)