When did you last back up your files? | Jo Linsdell

When did you last back up your files?

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This week I experienced a very hash reminder of the importance of backing up my files on a regular basis. My laptop died. 

A nightmare situation for most people but particularly distressing for a writer and illustrator. The thought of losing just my current works in progress was enough to nearly send me over the edge. I admit it. I cried. 

All those months of hard work potentially lost and never to be seen again. Heart breaking. Not to mention the panic of fast approaching deadlines. Nightmare!

Luckily it turned out that it was the battery and the charger that had died so buying a new charger sorted out the problem and I had my laptop back and working normally the very next day. I need to use it plugged into the socket until I get a new battery but it works and all the files are safe. Relief!

This whole horrible experience was a wake up call. I often forget to back up my files. Not any more! I have an external hard drive to save them to and now also send important files as email attachments to myself. I don't want to be in that situation ever again.

Has your computer ever died on you leaving you empty handed? How often do you back up your files?


  1. Oh yes, I have experienced the terror many times, as floppy drive disks became corrupted, cd's became corrupted from too many re-writes, usb drives corrupted and lost files, hard drive crashes. Each time I have managed to save MOST of my stuff by the skin of my teeth. Now I work completely inside dropbox or now Copy which keeps a folder on my computer and backs up automatically to the virtual folder online whenever I am connected to the internet. The plus side is that I can get into my folder wherever I need to- at the library, on another computer, or just to share a link with a friend so we can cooperate on files! ;) Good luck!

  2. It has happened to me once. I lost a bunch of W.I.Ps. I learnt my lesson then, right now, in addition to backing up monthly, I sync all my work on Google Drive, Dropbox and Skydrive.
    One cant be too careful.