VBT Day 42: An Excellent Review and Reblogging | Jo Linsdell

VBT Day 42: An Excellent Review and Reblogging

Today my tour takes me to the blog of Victoria Adams where she reviews 

Virtual Book Tours: Effective Online Book Promotion From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Here's a few of my favourite snippets:

"I learned a great deal from Jo’s book. She will take you through all of the steps of organizing, managing, closing and analyzing a blog tour. This little book is packed with page after page of links and references to help you find the blogs that fit you like a glass slipper. There are even commercial resources you can take advantage of, if you don’t feel confident enough to manage the first tour on your own."

"As it happens, I also work with a small publishing company, and marketing is one of our highest priorities. Her book has saved me hours of research combing through the internet. All those feeble attempts to have volunteers help me dig up suitable blogs for tours for our authors became passé the moment I read her book. For this I will be forever grateful! People are busy and volunteers do have lives."

Screenshot from Victoria Adams' Reading Alcove
As you know, yesterday I was hosted for two interviews by the hosts from Page to Page. The interview was reblogged today by Ronnie Strong on her blog http://ronniestrong.com/2013/10/12/author-interview-jo-linsdell/

Screenshot from Ronnie Strong blog
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