#PiBoIdMo Winner!!!! | Jo Linsdell

#PiBoIdMo Winner!!!!

YAY!!! Happy dance time. I got my 30 ideas and 30 days and therefore I'm happy to announce that I'm a PiBoIdMo winner again this year :D

PiBoIdMo Winners banner
I'm really excited about some of the ideas on my list too. Some of which have been put on my publication list for 2015 so keep your eyes open for updates on those in the near future ;)

Unfortunately due to personal problems and a variety of viruses and other seasonal joys (both my kids decided to bring home every cold, cough, stomach bug.... that was on offer this year and generously shared them with us all), I didn't manage to be a WNFIN winner too. I had hoped I'd get the book finished by the end of November but life just got in the way. I am however closer to finishing it than I was at the beginning of the month and so I still class that as a mini victory even if I didn't meet my goal. How to be Pinterest Perfect will be finished soon though and is scheduled for release early in the new year.

Did you meet your writing goals for November?