#Drawlloween Days 1-3 | Jo Linsdell

#Drawlloween Days 1-3

As you know, I love a good challenge. I found a fun one for this month called drawlloween. Apparently there are two different challenges running under this hashtag this month but both have the same goal - to draw a picture a day based on a list of Halloween inspired prompts. 

This is the list I'm working to for the challenge:

#Drawlloween challenge 2015

And these are my sketches for the first three days of the challenge:

#Drawlloween day 1 ghost, by Jo Linsdell
Day 1 Ghost

#Drawlloween day 2 Devil, by Jo Linsdell
Day 2 Devil

#Drawlloween day 3 Goblin, by Jo Linsdell
Day 3 Goblin 

You can connect with others doing the challenge in the DRAWLLOWEEN group on Facebook. 

You can find my illustrations for this challenge on Instagram, Pinterest, on Facebook, and of course, here on the blog. 

Are you taking part in the drawlloween challenge this month? Are you doing a different challenge this month? Tell me about it in the comments below.