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#PiBoIdMo Planning: FREE Idea Sheet

This November I'm taking part in several challenges. One of these challenges is the Picture Book Idea Month challenge organised by +Tara Lazar

#PiBoIdMo Planning: FREE Idea Sheet

I've taken part in, and won, at this challenge for several years now, and always have loads of fun. It's great having an idea swipe file to pick from throughout the year too.

As I'm being super organised this year, I decided to make an idea sheet to use during PiBoIdMo to register my ideas. It makes is easier to keep track of the number of ideas to make sure I'm on schedule with my idea a day.

I've kept the file pretty basic with sections for title, main character(s), and an idea summary for each day. I have a notebook where I'll be doing doodles and making detailed notes as and when needed, but I wanted a place to keep all the rough ideas organised.

As I'm sure others will find it useful too, I'm giving it away as a free download. That's right, completely free. Just click below to download your copy.

Will you be doing PiBoIdMo this year? How do you record your ideas?